Progress in procurement of medicines for adult oncology, child oncology, and oncohematology programs

May 24, 2017

Kyiv, May 22, 2017 – The Ministry of Health of Ukraine (MOH) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Ukraine report on the current progress in procurement of chemotherapeutic agents, radiopharmaceuticals and drugs for maintenance treatment of cancer patients (program III) and procurement of medicines and medical devices for the treatment of children with cancer and oncohematological diseases (program XXXV).

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According to the agreement with the Ministry of Health, UNDP carries out procurement of medicines and medical devices under 23 programs, including the areas of adult and child oncology and oncohematology.

To date, 92 to 96 lots ordered by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine under the adult oncology program, are procured. The total value of contracts, taking into account logistic costs and the procurement administration services, is 213 million UAH, while the total amount of funds allocated for the program is 397 million UAH. International procurement allowed to save a record 184 million UAH of the state budget money, part of which has already been allocated to purchase additional medicines for cancer patients as per the decision of the Ministry of Health. Medicines worth 41 million UAH are already delivered to Ukraine.

Purchase of 77 of the 94 lots in the amount of 118 million UAH is already completed under the child oncology and oncohematology program. Bids for the medical devices tender in the field of pediatric oncology and hematology are currently under evaluation. The total funding allocated for the program is 353 million UAH. Medicines worth 82 million are already delivered to the country under current program.

Both the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and United Nations Development Program remain committed to supplying the citizens of Ukraine with safe and high-quality medicines and call for all stakeholders to be focused on serving the interests of the patients in the first place.

UNDP and MOH highly appreciate the efforts of all the stakeholders in ensuring the citizens of Ukraine receive treatment that corresponds to international standards and covers all patients that require therapy. We remain open to discussing any issues, which cause concern of the public.

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