70% of Ukrainian youth believe that fighting corruption should be the government’s number one priority, according to 2017 survey. Some students are eager to contribute to this battle by providing innovative solutions.

The Integrity Solutions Social Innovation Camp gathered 14 youth teams to continue brainstorming and refining their ideas how to tackle corruption practices at the local level.

The independent jury selected 6 teams that will receive mentorship and technical support to put their ideas into practice:

·       “Voice of Hromada” team  suggested to create an e-voting system for village councils and a feedback tool for the local communities that allows to assess their deputies’ work.  

·       “On Corruption in Simple Terms” team developed an interactive study course on corruption for the high school students. The project envisages development of social models, multimedia support for every lesson, and development of a chatbot for responding to the students’ most asked questions.

·       “E-voting System” and “SOS-Students Self-government Body” teams developed the prototypes of the e-voting systems for assuring the transparent elections to students' self-government bodies and students involvement in university’s administrative activities.

·       “HurtoLife” team came up with a solution to make the process for accommodating students in the universities’ dormitories truly transparent. They are going to develop  an online tool that would allow to check the availability of places in the dormitories, make online booking and provide information on the rights and duties of the dorm residents.

“UkrainaDii” team came up with the idea of the web-page that would collect an information on the Ukrainian enterprises that are both eco-friendly and have high integrity standards.

The teams will get seed funding of USD 15,000 for their project implementation.

During the three-day camp, all the teams had a chance to enhance their knowledge and skills in presentations, design thinking, and innovation tools, along with an opportunity to network with the anti-corruption experts, civil society activists and the like-minded young people from different regions.

The Integrity Solutions Social Innovation Camp is a joint initiative of USAID and United Nations Development Programme implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Integrity Solutions Social Innovation Camp, August 10-12, 2018

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