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UNDP is supporting Ukraine in advancing its anti-corruption policy, legal and institutional reforms, bringing the country closer to international anti-corruption standards. Subscribe to this newsletter to hear about UNDP initiatives that help Ukraine fight corruption.   | SUBSCRIBE


The conflict in east Ukraine has affected millions of women and men, girls and boys, forcing families out of their homes and putting the communities hosting them under huge pressure. Subscribe to this newsletter to read how UNDP contributes to bringing the conflict-affected communities back to normal life by promoting jobs, security and social cohesion. | SUBSCRIBE

Ukraine is one of the most energy intensive economies in the word, and depends on external supplies for over 50% of its energy needs. Saving energy and promoting the use of renewables have become a priority for all sectors of the economy. Find out what is UNDP doing to help Ukrainian authorities, businesses and individuals protect the environment and set Ukraine on a clean and green path. | SUBSCRIBE

How best to implement the required economic and societal reforms is a discussion that must involve the entire Ukrainian society. The popular upheaval that began in late 2013 and the political changes that followed have reinforced the need for greater transparency, accountability, and open dialogue on the long-term future of the country. See how UNDP assists the Government, civil society, media and the people of Ukraine in advancing democracy and human rights through effective institutional reforms. | SUBSCRIBE

Corrupt practices and limited competition have led to deliveries of delayed, overpriced medicines across Ukraine, putting public health at risk with shortages and unaffordable medical products.  As Ukraine progresses on reform of the State healthcare procurement processes, find out how UNDP is temporarily handling procurement of some vital medical products to Ukraine, while supporting the Ministry of Health in its transition to a transparent, accountable, cost-efficient and sustainable health procurement system. | SUBSCRIBE

Studies show that women are disproportionally affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Gender is perceived as a basis for discrimination in 10.5% of job interviews, and gender-based violence is one of the most wide-spread, systematic and prevalent human rights abuses in Ukraine with about 90 % of gender-based violence cases being against women. Subscribe to this newsletter to see what UNDP and its partners are doing to contribute to gender equality and Ukraine's development and progress. | SUBSCRIBE

Alone, we would achieve nothing. UNDP's strength is in the people and partners who, with shared values, help design or implement our projects and programmes. This newsletter lists all job openings, calls for tenders and other communications and events dedicated to those men, women, companies, civil groups or academics who want to work with us.  | SUBSCRIBE