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  • Novopskov’s new Administrative Service Centre opens its doors Apr 26, 2018

    The Administrative Service Centre (ASC) in Novopskov, Luhansk Oblast, will help the government be more effective and efficient in the delivery of services to over 12,000 citizens of the Novopskov amalgamated territorial community. It is expected that the ASC will provide 63 administrative and 20 social services to the local population. It is now a one-stop shop for citizens to receive various documents, register their place of residence, their business or real estate, and it is accessible for everyone.

  • European support: the new border crossing point in Palanca will be launched into operation by the end of 2018 Apr 24, 2018

    Palanca State Border Crossing Point, jointly administrated by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, is being built from the ground up with the support provided by the European Union. The facility shall be launched into operation by the end of 2018. The checking of travelers, vehicles, and goods will be performed just once in this point – on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, by both countries’ Customs and Border Police officers. The authorities estimate that the waiting time will be reduced to half, while the flows of passengers and goods will increase. At the same time, offences will be easier detected due to the joint control at the border.

  • On World Hemophilia Day, MOH and UNDP report 100 mln Hryvnia savings to buy additional medicines for people with hemophilia Apr 17, 2018

    Today, as the World Hemophilia Day is globally marked to support people with this blood disease, MOH and UNDP reported 100 mln Hryvnia budget funds savings under the hemophilia programmes. This was ensured thanks to efficiency of international procurement of medicines. Saved budget money are used to procure additional medicines for children and adults with hemophilia.

  • Innovative medicine for treatment of people with Mucopolysaccharidosis was delivered in Ukraine Mar 2, 2018

    The shipment of Elosulfase alpha, worth 120 million Hryvnia, was delivered to Okhmatdyt Hospital. This is the first time that Ukraine with budget funds buys medicines for patients with IVA type of this disease, who previously did not receive efficient treatment. Patients with this diagnosis should receive therapy throughout their lifetime.

  • Over 70 small businesses get UNDP support in eastern Ukraine in 2017 Feb 26, 2018

    The winners of UN Development Programme’s (UNDP) Business Grants Contest have received up to USD 10,000 to launch, recover or develop their businesses. During the winter 2017-2018, they signed grant contracts in Severodonetsk, Kramatorsk and Mariupol.

  • Play takes audience on journey from disrespect and condemnation to tolerance and friendship Feb 12, 2018

    The play “He Is My Sister” featuring Ukrainian theatre stars Anatoly Khostikoyev and Volodymyr Horyansky, was performed in in Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk on Feb. 9-10 respectively, giving a fresh perspective on social stereotypes and showing the fundamental essence of human relationships that are masked by incredulity and scandal.

  • Shelter for violence survivors opens in Sloviansk Feb 8, 2018

    A shelter to give social and psychological assistance to women who have suffered from violence or ill-treatment has opened in Sloviansk, Donetsk Oblast. The facility will be a safe place for women who have suffered from various forms of gender-based violence, where they can temporarily stay to receive the psychological, social and legal support they need to restore their own inner strengths and make decisions about their future lives.

  • Online learning platform breaks the record: anti-corruption course gained unprecedented popularity Jan 26, 2018

    A Conflict of Interest: Need to Know! online course, hosted on the Prometheus e-learning platform, set a world record. An unprecedented 39% of users have successfully completed the online course, which was launched on 9 December 2017 to mark the International Anti-Corruption Day.

  • Four child and adult hemophilia medicines have arrived in Ukraine. UNDP and MOH saved another 36 mln of budget Hryvnias Jan 23, 2018

    Four human coagulation factor medicines for treatment of hemophilia in adults and children have arrived in Ukraine. Thanks to efficient procurement process by UNDP, another 36 mln Hryvnia of state budget funds are already saved through procurement of adult and child hemophilia medicines.

  • Long-term agreements with medicine manufacturers are introduced in medicines procurement for the state Dec 11, 2017

    The United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine has announced signing of four long-term agreements with medicine producers. This is a global approach which allows to decrease medicine prices and also ensure their fast and uninterrupted supply.

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