Biofuel workshop to create jobs, cut public spendings and revive local economy

Sep 27, 2016

New pellet fuel producing workshop is expected to benefit 10,000 people, reduce schools’ energy spending and create 18 new jobs in the Andriivka village and its neighbourhood in the Donetsk Oblast.

27 September 2016 – Some 10,000 people will benefit from the pellet fuel produced by the workshop, which has opened today in the village of Andriivka, in the Sloviansk District of Donetsk Oblast.

Repaired with a UAH 2 million funding from the government of Japan, in partnership with regional and local authorities the workshop has now started to produce pellets from local inputs, such as straw, sawdust and sunflower waste.

Energy savings and use of renewables is a priority for all sectors of the economy in Ukraine, which depends on external supplies for over 50% of its energy needs and has one of the world’s most energy intensive economies.

This production of biofuel, which is expected to reduce by 30% the energy bills of the local school and kindergarten, has also already generated 8 new jobs and 10 more are in the pipeline.

Setting up new production facilities in the regions affected by the conflict greatly contributes to Donbas’ economic recovery and development. But innovative facilities that allow the green generation of energy from organic waste produced from industrial or agricultural residues, which Ukraine has plenty of, are the way forward to a sustainable future for the region.

“Innovative solutions, such as this one, support the sustainable development of communities by helping them switch to alternative and environment-friendly types of fuel. If emulated across the country, they could work wonders in addressing unemployment, economic growth and energy efficiency issues all at once on a national scale,” enthused Mustafa Sait-Ametov, UNDP Project Manager.

Guests to the workshop inaugurating ceremony, who included Artem Lytvynov, Head of Basic Industries Development Department of the Donetsk Oblast Administration, Konstantyn Chernikov, Head of the Sloviank District Administration, Mykola Dihtenko, Head of the Andriivka Village Council, and Mustafa Sait-Ametov, UNDP Project Manager, had the opportunity to visit the workshop and observe the production process of pellet fuels.

The total contribution of the government of Japan to implement UNDP projects in the Donbas amounts to USD 19 million. The assistance was provided under a commitment to support eastern Ukraine announced by Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe at the UN General Assembly meeting in September 2014.

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