A growth hormone for children with dwarfism and cancer treatments delivered to Ukrainian patients

Jul 14, 2017

Photo credit: UNDP in Ukraine / Andrey Krepkih

Kyiv, July 14, 2017 - A large batch of medicines for cancer patients and a growth hormone for children under the age of ten have been delivered to Ukraine. The growth hormone will help 837 children who suffer from dwarfism of different origins. The medicine, manufactured in Belgium, was procured by the United Nations Development Program within the framework of international procurement of medicines for budget funds of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

In Ukraine, the state provides treatment for patients with rare diseases, and within the fiscal budget 2016, 30 million UAH were allocated for procurement of a growth hormone for the treatment of dwarfism.

In spring 2017 UNDP announced the tender for the procurement of Somatropin and two international suppliers were successful. Based on this selection a company from Belgium started a three month production process for 308,000mg of active substance in the form of pre-filled syringe-pens for children under the age of 10 years. The medicine, with a total cost of 12,5 million UAH, has now been delivered to the Ministry of Health warehouse. Another type of Somatropin, being produced in Korea for children over the age of 10 years, will also be delivered shortly.

In addition to the delivery of Somatropin, vitally needed medicines for children with cancer, manufactured in the EU and the US, have been delivered, in particular Linezolid, Idarubitsin, Hydrocortisone and Tigecycline.

The Ministry of Health received 501 bottles of Idarubitsin, 4020 systems for Linezolid infusions, 1375 hydrocortisone bottles, and 2060 Tigecycline bottles, for a total cost of 4 330 289.48 UAH.

"Children's oncology and orphan diseases, including dwarfism, are among very important areas that remain a focus for the ministry.  As a rule, treatment of these diseases is expensive and funded by the state,” noted Ulana Suprun, Minister of Health a.i.

"We are doing our best to provide cancer patients and children with dwarfism with high quality medicine. This year for the first time, the Somatropin was delivered in two different forms, which will increase the effectiveness of the medicine," Blerta Cela, Deputy Country Director of UNDP in Ukraine.

Tetyana Kulesha, Chairman of the Orphan Diseases Council of Ukraine, said, "We continue to cooperate with the Ministry of Health and UNDP to ensure the rights of patients with rare diseases. We believe that communication between all parties is the key to effective medicine procurement."


Dwarfism is one of the important problems in children's endocrine pathology, especially if it is a consequence of growth hormone deficiency (pituitary dwarfism, pituitary-cerebral dwarfism) or due to genetic pathology (Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome, Russell-Silverse syndrome).

The total number of patients in Ukraine with dwarfism of different origins, which today require treatment with Somatropin, in accordance with protocols approved by the relevant orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, is 1252 children. According to the operational information of the regions (registry data), as of April 20, 2016, 874 children under the age of 17 years old suffering from pituitary and pituitary-cerebral dwarfism have been registered in Ukraine, 315 children suffering from Shereshevsky-Terner syndrome, 49 children with Russell-Silverse syndrome, 12 children with dwarfism due to chronic renal failure, and 2 children with Prader-Wile's syndrome.

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