Ministry of Health has signed agreements with international organizations to purchase medicines for Ukraine for budget funds in 2017

Jul 27, 2017

Photo credit: © Valeria Mezentseva / Crown Agents

In 2017, procurement of medicines for Ukraine will be carried out by the United Nations Development Program, the UNICEF Children's Fund and the Crown Agents UK procurement agency. International organizations will purchase medicines in 39 state programs for a total of 5.9 billion UAH.

Dr. Ulana Suprun, Minister of Health a.i.: "Through effective cooperation with international organizations, procurements are conducted transparently and efficiently. For some programs of the 2016 budget, we managed to achieve savings of almost 60%. This allows to provide more patients with the necessary treatment and save more lives."

One of the most illustrative programs that proves the effectiveness of procurement of medicines through international organizations, is the program of cardiovascular diseases. In 2015, with the state budget, the ministry purchased 7,000 stent-systems. Due to the effective work of international organizations within the framework of the budget of 2016, for the first time almost all the annual need for stents will be covered.

"We are proud that the Ministry of Health of Ukraine considers Crown Agents to be a reliable partner in such an important issue for the whole country as providing the population with vital medicines and medical products. The work set up in previous years is based on the principles of transparency, accountability to the state and its citizens, and the implementation of international standards of effective procurement. Our goal is to meet the need by purchasing exclusively high-quality medical products that fully meet the requirements of the Ministry and doctors, for the best price for the state and ensure delivery on time," said Brian Richmond, Director of Supply Chain Management at Crown Agents.

We would like to remined that in 2016, 3.9 billion UAH were allocated for the purchase of medicines. Under the budget of 2016, international organizations purchased 96% of medicines, vaccines and medical products in 37 programs. 44% are already delivered to the regions. The rest will be delivered to the hospitals within 3 months in accordance with the delivery schedule of the Ministry of Health. At present, UAH 917 million remain at the accounts of international organizations, which will be used for purchasing additional medicines, medical devices and vaccines.

Thanks to international organizations, the MOH has begun purchasing new high-quality medicines, including vaccines pre-qualified by the World Health Organization. Most of them have not previously been procured in Ukraine, where a monopoly was in place. For example, last year 6 out of 8 UNICEF-bought vaccines were not registered in Ukraine before. In addition, some vaccines were bought up to 8 times cheaper.

"UNICEF welcomes the signing of contracts for the procurement of vaccines and ARVs in 2017. This is the key to providing people with these life-saving medical products in Ukraine. The availability of necessary vaccines and ARV drugs is extremely important for the protection of children and adults from infectious diseases and the treatment of patients with HIV / AIDS. UNICEF is actively working with the Ministry of Health to ensure the continued supply of the necessary vaccines and ARVs agreed with the Ministry,” said Artur Ayvazov, UNICEF's Director for Social Policy in Ukraine.

68% of winning companies are medicines manufacturers. Every fourth manufacturing company is Ukrainian. Some programs, where manufacturers didn’t apply last year, were purchased exclusively through direct contracts with manufacturers this year. For example, medicines for children's hemophilia were fully purchased directly from manufacturers. Only one lot for the total amount of 15 thousand dollars was purchased through a distributor.

Purchasing medicines through international organizations has also opened a window of opportunity for Ukrainian producers to enter international markets. For example, UNDP now buys medicines from a Ukrainian producer for tuberculosis for the Moldovan government, which also buys medicines for public funds through international organizations.

"We are proud to continue supporting the Ministry of Health with supplying high-quality medicines to the citizens of Ukraine. The fact that we signed the agreement at the end of July clearly indicates that we are moving away from the emergency mode of procurement towards a more planned process.  Effective and long-term planning will enable more Ukrainian patients to receive their needed medications much faster,” commented Neal Walker, UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine.

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