Procurement Support Services to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Project Summary

The challenges and failures of the Ministry of Health’s public procurement and supply programme resulted in a gap of available medicine in the country during 2013-2015. In 2015, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine adressed international organizations, including UNDP, reuesting support in medicines procurement. Starting from 2015, UNDP Ukraine project is annually procuring a range of medicines and related medical products for the state budget funds as an emergency measure. Announcements of tenders for medicines procurement are located on a dedicated web-page. The programme is also building the capacity needed to build and support a transparent and cost-effective procurement system for the Ministry. 

Project Goals

  1. Assist MOH in the cost-efficient, transparent and timely procurement of medicines and other medical products of selected State Health Programmes as an emergency matter. The drugs to be procured are for the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, hepatitis, hemophilia and orphan diseases in children, and the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS.
  2. Build the structural and human resource capacity for supply, planning, forecasting, and monitoring and evaluation for transparent and cost-effective procurement at MOH.
  3. Progressively hand over procurement activities while supporting the procurement processes and procurement unit of MOH.
  4. Support MOH further reform of the national procurement and quality assurance system and capacity development processes.
  5. With the technical expertise of WHO, support the capacity building of the procurement and supply chain management in the context of the wider initiative aimed at strengthening the Ukrainian healthcare system and creating a coherent pharmaceutical society.

Medicines procurement 

Procurement process under the state budget funds of 2018:

  • UNDP was assigned to procure medicines for the fourth year of international procurement;
  • Announcements of tenders for medicines procurement are located on a dedicated web-page.

Procurement process under the state budget funds of 2017:

  • UNDP was assigned to procure medicines for the third year of international procurement - 26 programs for a total amount of $143 mln;
  • More than $18,3 mln were saved thanks to the efficient procurement process, the funds are currently used for procurement of additional medicines;
  • Announcements of tenders for medicines procurement are located on a dedicated web-page.
  • The list of procured products and estimated delivery schedule are located in the box below

Procurement process under the state budget funds of 2016:

  • UNDP was assigned to procure medicines for the second year of international procurement - 23 programs for a total amount of $78 mln;
  • More than $12,6 mln were saved thanks to the efficient procurement process, the funds were used for procurement of additional medicines for patients with cancer, TB, autism, dwarfism and other diseases;

Procurement process under the state budget funds of 2015:

  • UNDP conducted procurement under 8 state health programs for a total amount of $39 mln;
  • Citizens of Ukraine were supplied with high-quality medicines procured through transparent tenders;
  • Four mln USD of Ukraine state budget were generated by UNDP as savings and used for procurement of extra medicines to ensure more patients in Ukraine are covered with the needed treatment

Improving public procurement in healthcare


Procurements of vital medicines through UNDP and other international organizations is a temporary measure for Ukraine for the period of up to 2019.

On the long term, this project focuses on strengthening public procurement in Ukraine's healthcare system, in order to ensure all citizen's access to essential medicines and other medical products in Ukraine.

The support provided by UNDP to the Ministry of Health is also aimed to help reform healthcare sector procurement for the period beyond 2019, in particular with the creation of a Health Products Procurement Agency (HPPA). The agency will be an independent organization and will be responsible to procure medicines for the Ukrainian people using modern IT tools. Agency operation will be based on the principles of transparency, accountability and effectiveness and apply integrated, issue-based and innovative approach. To support its capacity, the UNDP Healthcare Program is helping with different activities, such as:

  • Introduction of sustainable procurement practices;
  • Support to policy and legal developments, 
  • Support to capacity building events and advocacy, 
  • Provision of anti-corruption analysis/evidence and action plan,
  • Support to the advisory unit under the Ministry of Health, 
  • Support to revision of the nomenclature of medicines used by the Ministry of Health.

Among the achievements the digital medicines stock monitoring system was supported - the “E-Liky” system jointly developed with the patient community.

UNDP is helping to develop an online medical stock system to allow real-time monitoring of and access to medical stocks, as a key element of reform. This system will help scale up the public procurement process, make medicines and other medicinal products timely available for patients, and allow appropriate forecasting and planning for medicines procurement both nationally and locally.

Seminars and workshops on anti-corruption, sustainable procurement and human rights took place at the ministerial and regional level. Joint activities with patient groups and civil society helped building a system of checks and balances which will ensure public oversight on the future activities of the agency.

Related materials: 

Project Document 

Frequently Asked Questions

Tender Announcements

General Terms and Conditions

Medicines and medical products procured by UNDP:

Procured under the budget of 2017 (last updated October 5, 2018)

Procured under the budget of 2016 (last updated November 8, 2017)

Cost-efficiency analysis of 2015 procurement

List of Long-Term Agreements for procurement of medicines (last updated August 13, 2018)

Information materials:

UNDP Value Proposition in Health Procurement

Sector Integrity Vulnerability Assessment - Health Product Procurement (SIVA)

Anti-corruption in health product procurement (SIVA)

Procurement Reform in Healthcare sector of Ukraine

Procurement - achievements, plans, approach

Sustainable procurement



Project start date:

November 2015

Estimated end date:

December 2019

Focus area:

  • basic services
  • Funding Support by

    Donor name

  • Ministry Of Health Of Ukraine
  • United Nations Development Pro
  • Government Of Turkey
  • Amount contributed


    Delivery in previous fiscal year

    2018 $102,160,456

    2017 $74,382,048

    2016 $40,766,016

    2015 -$108,000

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