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Daryna Velychko (Ukraine)

Finance and Administrative Specialist, UNDP Ukraine, Democratic Governance Portfolio, Health and Transparency Programme

Since January 2017, Daryna has been working as an admin and finance specialist in support of the UNDP’s largest health and development project in Ukraine. She leads all finance and administrative aspects of the UNDP project “Procurement support services to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” which is part of Health and Transparency Programme, centred on assisting Ukraine’s Ministry of Health to improve, standardise and reform its vast medical procurement system. In doing so, Daryna ensures that the donor money and Health Ministry finances associated with the project are used transparently and applied effectively to various support activities, guaranteeing that all fund allocations are optimized to meet the medical and healthcare needs of all Ukrainians in the most timely manner.

Prior to joining the UNDP’s office in Kyiv, Daryna worked in finance and admin in the eastern conflict area of Ukraine, helping to establish the OSCE’s Regional Office in Luhansk. Daryna also has significant corporate banking experience, having worked for nine years as a financial analyst for several major banks in Ukraine. She holds a Master’s degree in Marketing, and is qualified in IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards), public procurement and project management.

UNDP and me

"UNDP gives me a remarkable opportunity to contribute to much-needed democratic governance reforms at the national level in today’s Ukraine. I’m happy to be a part of the team that supports Ukraine’s Ministry of Health by implementing a project to provide high-quality pharmaceuticals at competitive prices, introducing Ukraine to the best procurement practices and international expertise available. I’m extremely proud of our project’s results, as we’ve helped to procure life-saving medications for my fellow citizens, and this encourages me to seek out future professional challenges."

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