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Ihor Nazar (Ukraine)

Community Development Associate, UNDP Ukraine

Ihor joined UNDP in 2010 and worked for the EU-UNDP project "Community-Based Approach to Local Development" in Lviv oblast.

He now works as a Community Development Associate and coordinates the implementation of the “Empowered Partnership for Sustainable Development” project, which is financed by the Government of Sweden.

Ihor has a technical education and has taken two international project management and business process management courses. He has more than 20 years of experience in civil society development and social mobilization in rural and urban communities. He has experience in managing projects in the field of ecology, energy conservation, human capital development, local economic development, and others. For more than nine years, he has been involved in peer review and advice programmes, grants and projects for international technical assistance, and projects co-funded from budgets of various levels.

Ihor's hobbies are running and reading books.

UNDP and me

"Working in the UNDP team gives me the opportunity to help active citizens unite and overcome difficult obstacles blocking the development of their areas. The most important thing in this process is not the distance that communities go, or the speed of the changes – it’s that there is a sustainable result."

You can contact Ihor via email.

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