Phoenix rising

Supporting a Ukrainian Green Deal in a post-pandemic world to build forward better  

Testing zero waste approach: the coffee experiments in Lviv

Can Ukrainian coffee shops offer customers eco-alternatives when selling them their favourite beverage, and in this way contribute to solving the waste management challenge?  

Responsible business conduct accelerates social and economic development

Global and regional business models are changing rapidly and a growing number of investors, producers and consumers worldwide are demanding more sustainable and socially-responsible policies, more…  

First biodiversity strip in Bila Tserkva: Green solutions for cities

How nature-based solutions piloted under the Community Safari initiative were scaled up in Bila Tserkva, Kyiv Oblast  

Planning cities of the future: Six insights from urban hackathons

Innovative projects hatched at a recent Hackathon will be implemented in four Ukrainian cities, setting them on the path to a greener future  

The air we breathe

Air pollution is one of the three environmental problems Ukrainians are most concerned about, coming third after water pollution and deforestation. Ukrainians have access to more and more networks and…  

Testing circular economy approaches in Ukraine

Reusable cups, edible cups, and gamification were some of the zero waste options tested in a city-wide experiment using circular economy approaches. How did it go, and what did we learn?  

Having a Say: Micronarratives on rebuilding society after the pandemic

Through this study we gathered 100 stories (86% of respondents were women) asking people to share their experiences in times of pandemic, visions of the future, and insights from their own adaptation.…  

Switzerland: a firm friend on Ukraine’s path to sustainable development

Small and landlocked in the middle of Europe, Switzerland’s presence is often felt and appreciated around the world. Its generous development assistance programme is active in countries across four…  

Human rights and digitalization – one byte at a time

As the disruptive year of 2020 draws closer to its end, UNDP is conducting background research and preparations for a three-year joint project with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine…  

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