Community Safari launches experiments to bring change

On 15-16 November 2019, UNDP together with the Agents of Change and Green Wave NGOs, organized a Community Safari – a hunt to identify problems and explore nature-based solutions in cities!  

Starting a nature-based revolution in Ukraine

The COVID-19 global pandemic shows that we're capable of mobilizing as a community to respond to life-threatening issues. We can see the power of the “collective” emerging throughout the world: from…  

Just Like You “Ask, ‘How are Roma people treated?’ to know whether human rights are respected in the country”

Blog post by Zola Kondur, a human rights activist, Vice-President of the Chiricli Roma Women Foundation, UNDP Tolerance Envoy, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial…  

Just Like You: “Freedom is inside you, your rights are inviolable”, Larysa Denysenko

Larysa Denysenko, Human rights activist, lawyer, journalist, writer, UNDP Tolerance Envoy about human rights, gender equality, and freedom.  

Climate Action: How to Win the Battle Against Climate Change

Climate discussions in Davos, Agenda 2030 and Ukraine's progress in protecting environment - a blog post by Dafina Gercheva, the Resident Representative of UNDP Ukraine.  

Accelerator Lab and the Case of the Foul Fog

We quickly found that there are seasonal declines in air quality in Kyiv and other parts of central Ukraine. While not usually accompanied by thick fog, these bouts of air pollution tend to peak in…  

Bridging the Digital Divide in Ukraine: A human-centric approach

The successes of Ukraine’s hi-tech present mask a problem that could grow in the future: There is a widening gap between old and young, men and women, and urban and rural people with regard to access…  

Dafina Gercheva: How to help limit climate change

New inequalities are being triggered by technology and climate change, and they are increasingly determining people’s opportunities in the 21st century. These two seismic shifts, if left without a…  

Can we learn from nature to improve our urban environments?

Across the world, cities are growing bigger. By 2050, according to UN estimates, approximately 70 percent of the world’s population will live in urban areas. The general migration from rural to urban…  

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