Connecting the dystopian dots

Exploring the links between COVID-19, Chornobyl wildfires, Carpathian flooding and record high temperatures  

Digital transformation for legal aid: challenges and solutions

With just a smartphone and access to the Internet, Ukrainians can now access a wide range of administrative services without even leaving the house. During a pandemic, such solutions are particularly…  

Ukrainian innovations: Inspired by nature for a green recovery

“Our future is not about choosing between people or nature. It's about choosing to do things differently #ForPeopleForPlanet, building lasting, sustainable peace.” Watch United Nations Development…  

What your workday might look like in the future

What can we deduce from current working trends about the workplace of the future, and the skills we will need in the future?  

Embedding inclusiveness into digital transformation in Ukraine

Last year, in just a few months, the COVID-19 crisis brought about years of change in the way governments, organizations and companies in all sectors and regions do business. Numerous lockdown…  

Ensuring fairness for all in the justice system through free legal aid

UNDP and the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision join forces to widen Ukrainians’ access to justice  

Gender equality a top priority for UNDP in Ukraine

Empowering women seen as a catalyst and multiplier for all other development goals.  

Phoenix rising

Supporting a Ukrainian Green Deal in a post-pandemic world to build forward better  

Testing zero waste approach: the coffee experiments in Lviv

Can Ukrainian coffee shops offer customers eco-alternatives when selling them their favourite beverage, and in this way contribute to solving the waste management challenge?  

Responsible business conduct accelerates social and economic development

Global and regional business models are changing rapidly and a growing number of investors, producers and consumers worldwide are demanding more sustainable and socially-responsible policies, more…  

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