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A blog dedicated to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women by Ukrainian author Larysa Denysenko.  

Access to justice for all

Often parents of children with disabilities have to become a driving force of change and advocate for their children’s rights. Olena is no exception: In 2015, she and her little son Volodya, who has…  

“To voice IDP issues, not to keep silent, is something crucial”

“The first stage in advocacy work is when we raise the issue, pluck it from obscurity or silence,” says Tetiana Durnyeva, GRUPA VPLYVU, civil society organization. “Our task is not just to bring the…  

UNDP-supported Regional Ombudsperson’s Office helps people access information

Access to public information is one of the constitutional rights of Ukrainian citizens. However, often they have to appeal to the Human Rights Commissioner to exercise it.  

In my ideal Ukraine, people do not complain but go for change

“I dream about a Ukraine where people take the initiative and bring about change, they don’t grumble, but take action. And there’s a civil society organization in every village to give a boost to the…  

Electronic Asset Declarations for Public Officials – two years after its launch. A panacea against corruption?

The introduction of the e-declarations marked a turning point in Ukrainian politics and its reform agenda. Many find it obvious that the system is a major step towards greater transparency and a…  

How staying home makes a difference

Even as many of his friends left for the big city, Volodymyr decided to move back to his small town in Ukraine. What he couldn't predict was what a big difference his return home could make.  

Will the Verkhovna Rada become a modern European-style parliament?

Since 2015, the Verkhovna Rada, with the support of the EU and UNDP, has been implementing a self-reform strategy. The key tasks are to improve the efficiency of the parliament, get rid of the…  

How to constructively support reform in Ukraine’s parliament

It’s no secret that the Verkhovna Rada is near the bottom of Ukraine’s institutions as far as public confidence is concerned. Indeed, along with parts of the justice system, parliament usually ranks…  

Three myths about tolerance in Ukraine

Tolerance is a conscious choice to act in a way that prevents any violence from our side. It takes moral strength, solid life experience and values to be able to make this choice. On the other hand,…  

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