Democratic Governance

Democratic Governance & Reform

UNDP helps governance institutions in countries bring constitutional reforms, strengthen parliaments, and address policy and institutional options for peace and development through reconciliation, empowerment and inclusion.

UNDP assists the Government, civil society and people of Ukraine in advancing democratic policies and practices needed to accelerate progress on sustainable human development; empowering civil society; promoting decentralization and local governance; advocating for human rights and gender equality; ensuring that all Ukrainian citizens can enjoy access to justice; and supporting anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.

Our Goals

UNDP will continue focusing on the promotion of open government practices, rule of law and human rights, greater transparency and accountability at all levels of the government as well as citizens' engagement in policy- and decision-making processes.

The priority human rights

for Ukrainians:

  • Freedom - 80,3%
  • Security - 71,9%
  • Justice - 70,1%
  • Dignity - 64,4%
  • Equality - 56,7%
  • Freedom of personal development - 55,4% 
  • Responsibility - 49,3%
  • Obedience to law - 47,5%
  • Financial security - 44,7%
  • Morals - 44,2%
  • Order - 43,9%
  • Patriotism - 38,0%
  • Tolerance - 25,0%

Results of 2017 Nation-Wide Research

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