Democratic Governance

UNDP assists the government, civil society and people of Ukraine in advancing democratic policies and practices needed to accelerate progress on sustainable human development. This includes advocating for human rights and gender equality, supporting anti-corruption efforts, ensuring that all Ukrainian citizens can protect their rights, strengthening parliament, and empowering civil society and youth activists.

Total budget: $10.5 million

Donors: Denmark, EU, Norway, Canada and South Korea

Key Areas

  • Human Rights: Improving citizens’ access to human rights protection through the regional network of the Ombudsperson’s Office.
  • Transparency and Integrity: Enhancing citizens’ knowledge about how to tackle corruption in their communities.
  • Parliamentary Reform: Engaging citizens in the parliamentary monitoring and the legislative process.
  • Civil Society and Youth Work: Strengthening subnational civil society organizations to promote democracy and engage citizens in a participatory and result-driven government-CSO dialogue; Enhancing youth civic engagement and participation in decision-making in Ukraine.
  • Health Reform and Procurement Support Services: Improving procurement procedures, making it more transparent, positively impacting accessibility to certain medicines and allowing new medical products to enter the Ukrainian market for the first time.
  • Digital Transformation: Strengthening Ukraine’s institutions in crafting digitalized services to be used by Ukraine’s vulnerable populations, taking due account of the Human Rights Based Approach to policymaking.

Projects and Initiatives

Digital, Inclusive, Accessible: Support to Digitalisation of State Services in Ukraine (DIA Support) Project
EU-UNDP Parliamentary Reform Project
Human Rights for Ukraine (HR4U)
Civil Society for Enhanced Democracy and Human Rights in Ukraine
Procurement Support Services to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Strengthening the National TB and HIV Council in Ukraine
Sustainable Local Development in Rural Areas of Chernivtsi and Odesa Oblasts

The priority human rights

for Ukrainians:

  • Freedom - 80,3%
  • Security - 71,9%
  • Justice - 70,1%
  • Dignity - 64,4%
  • Equality - 56,7%
  • Freedom of personal development - 55,4% 
  • Responsibility - 49,3%
  • Obedience to law - 47,5%
  • Financial security - 44,7%
  • Morals - 44,2%
  • Order - 43,9%
  • Patriotism - 38,0%
  • Tolerance - 25,0%

Results of 2017 Nation-Wide Research

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