Gender equality

Comparative Gender Profile of Ukraine 2018-2019



Human development index (with three basic dimensions: a long and healthy life, access to knowledge, and a decent standard of living)

88 out of 189 countries (the high human development category) as of 2017

Gender Inequality index

61 out of 160 countries as of 2017

Gender pay gap in monthly earnings

21.2 as of 2017

Share of seats in parliament (% held by women)

12.3% as of 2017

Women – deputies of local municipalities councils

18% of the seats in the city councils and 15% of the seats in oblast councils as of 2015 (Source: Final Report on the Monitoring of Women’s Participation in the Electoral Process at 2015 Local Elections in Ukraine, Committee of Voters of Ukraine, 2015)

Participation in decision-making (% held by women)

12% of the Cabinet of Ministers and 36.9% of all executive civil servants in the top level of public administration (Data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine)

The life expectancy at birth

77 years for women and 67 for men as of 2017

Suicide rate per 100 000 people

6.2 for women and 28.7 for men as of 2017

Internally displaced people

61% women and children as of 2017 (Source: Government of Ukraine- United Nations Partnership Framework 2018-2022)

Labor force participation rate (age 15 and older)

46.9% for women and 63.0% for men as of 2017

People leaving with HIV in % registered

Total-more than 130,000

57 % are men and 43 % are women as of 2017 (Source: HIV Infection in Ukraine. Information Bulletin #45, 2015. Ukrainian Center for Disease Control of the Ministry of Health, Hromashevski Institute of Epidemiological and Infectious diseases)

Gender-based violence

90% of all cases affect women, at least 22% of women aged 15-49 have experienced at least one form of physical or sexual violence in their lifetime

Hours spent on household activities per week

29 for women and 15 for men (Source: UNFPA Ukraine)

Distribution of parent’s time (hours) spent with children per week

49 for women and 22 for men (Source: UNFPA Ukraine)


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