Gender equality

Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Abuse of Authority: Policy

1. UNDP is committed to creating and maintaining a working environment that respects the inherent dignity of all persons, affording them the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and empowering them to deliver the best possible results for UNDP and the people we serve.

2. Every person working for UNDP has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, and to work in a safe environment free from harassment, sexual harassment, abuse, and discrimination.

3. UNDP does not, and will not, tolerate harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, and abuse of authority in any form. Such conduct is contrary to the Charter of the United Nations, the UN Staff Regulations and Rules and the Standards of Conduct for the International Civil Service, and will be dealt with promptly, justly and effectively in accordance with this policy.

Staff Rule 1.2 (f) provides that "any form of discrimination or harassment, including sexual or gender harassment, as well as physical or verbal abuse at the workplace or in connection with work, is prohibited." UNDP personnel exhibiting such behaviour or conduct may be subject to administrative, disciplinary or contractual measures, up to and including dismissal, as appropriate.

4. It is also the policy of UNDP, as set out in the UNDP Policy for Protection against Retaliation, that retaliation by any member of UNDP’s personnel against another member of UNDP’s personnel for having, in good faith, properly reported allegations of misconduct, or for having cooperated with a duly authorized audit or investigation, is strictly prohibited. Such retaliation violates the fundamental obligation of all UNDP personnel to uphold the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity as required under the UN Charter, and to discharge their functions and regulate their conduct in accordance with these standards. Retaliation, as defined under the UNDP Protection against Retaliation Policy, is itself misconduct and will be treated accordingly.

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