Culture of tolerance: How to build a proper society for all

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People on our planet follow twelve influential religions, live in about two hundred nation-states, come from about 5,000 ethnic groups, and speak more than 6,000 languages. Tolerance - its presence or absence - largely determines how these different groups and people coexist. Tolerance is an approach, a habit, a rule, a worldview, and a way of life in which respect for diversity plays a central role.


Competition for partnership economic and social projects to counter and alleviate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Non-governmental and charitable organizations in partnership with businesses and/or authorities are strongly encouraged to apply with proposals targeting revitalization and activation of economic initiatives to counter and alleviate the impact of Covid-19.

The application submission deadline is 11 September 2020.


Strengthening Micro- Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Business Membership Organizations Programme

Business associations, chambers of commerce, business unions, business clubs and other small and medium-sized business associations are invited to participate in the programme.

The objective is to scale-up the support to MSME sector in Ukraine and improve its competitiveness through more professional, demand-driven and client-oriented Business Membership Organizations, which will break the ground for delivering new tailored services for private sector development and support.

Closing date for submission: 24 July 2020


Open call for Nominations: Growth Stage Impact Venture for the SDGs

The initiative is aimed at promoting ventures that contribute to tackling inequalities and empowering vulnerable people in developing countries in the following areas:

  • Increasing access to quality health care,
  • Increasing access to affordable and clean energy,
  • and reducing and recovering waste. 

Nominations (in English only) are made through an online form. The deadline to submit a nomination is 15 July 2020.


Community Safari©: a quest to find nature-based solutions for local communities

Community Safari is a two-day adventure that brings together the members of a community to collectively identify, discuss and test ideas to solve challenges and coordinate follow-up actions, using nature-based solutions.

The Safari methodology, materials and tools are clearly described and documented in an open-source Toolkit, giving organizations the opportunity to run a Safari of their own in their communities.


Call for Proposals "Supporting human rights actors to promote and defend human rights in Ukraine"

The aim of the ongoing call for proposals is supporting and strengthening the key human rights stakeholders and actors in order to promote and defend human rights in Ukraine.

There are 3 lots:

  • Lot 1 – Developing training programs for duty-bearers on human rights and HRBA.
  • Lot 2 – Reinforcing the work of the Ombudsperson’s Office through targeted CSO project support.
  • Lot 3 - Raising ethical standards and integrating human rights into journalistic education.


#RespectUA Information Campaign to promote tolerance and social cohesion

The initiative aims to promote dialogue between the different social groups. To this end, 14 UNDP tolerance envoys were appointed who will participate in thematic events and spread the tolerance message.

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