CORRECTED: Call for participation in low-value grant competition “Strengthening capacity of CSO to provide services and disseminate COVID-19 prevention- and healthcare- related messages”

Main objectives: to undertake a public education/awareness campaign and ensure that vulnerable groups at the subnational level have a regular access to the most accurate information on the COVID-19 prevention measures, access to COVID-19 testing, treatments and the vaccination campaign; to strengthen the capacity of the population living both in urban and remote rural areas, especially those representing vulnerable groups, in raising their concerns and informing about the gaps in services which they have or have not received with regards to COVID-19 response; to enhance the civil society and patient organizations capacity in their service provision and dissemination of COVID-19 and healthcare-related messages.

Project proposals will be accepted until 21st of January 2022 (18.00 Kyiv time).

*The application deadline has been extended until 26th of January 2022 (18.00 Kyiv time).


Results of calls for expression of interest under the ILO/UNDP “Economic Empowerment of Women as a Response to the COVID-19 Crisis in Ukraine” Project

Additional support in finalizing local development documents – strategies and plans, will be provided to four territorial communities based on the results of calls for expression of interest.


Call for Proposals

Responding to human rights challenges in Ukraine and integrating HRBA into state policy

The aim of the call for proposals is supporting and strengthening the key human rights stakeholders and actors in order to respond to human rights challenges in Ukraine and integrate HRBA into state policy.


Culture of tolerance: How to build a proper society for all

October online-course opening on Prometheus! 

People on our planet follow twelve influential religions, live in about two hundred nation-states, come from about 5,000 ethnic groups, and speak more than 6,000 languages. Tolerance - its presence or absence - largely determines how these different groups and people coexist. Tolerance is an approach, a habit, a rule, a worldview, and a way of life in which respect for diversity plays a central role.


Community Safari©: a quest to find nature-based solutions for local communities

Community Safari is a two-day adventure that brings together the members of a community to collectively identify, discuss and test ideas to solve challenges and coordinate follow-up actions, using nature-based solutions.

The Safari methodology, materials and tools are clearly described and documented in an open-source Toolkit, giving organizations the opportunity to run a Safari of their own in their communities.


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