A Ukraine-wide campaign called "A Day Without Polyethylene" will be held on July 3 to mark International Plastic Bag-Free Day.

The campaign is being organized by the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine, jointly with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the Green Energy of Changes Inter-factional Deputy Association, and Zero Waste Alliance Ukraine.

Our goal is to draw the attention of society to the problem of excessive consumption of disposable plastic products and, consequently, irreparable pollution of the environment with plastic waste, as well as to promote the availability of affordable environmental solutions to replace plastic for consumers at retail groups, supermarkets and retail shops.

Media representatives, please join:


Events to mark A Day Without Polyethylene


July 3, 2019


Cities of Ukraine (the list of organizations and institutions will be sent additionally)


Among the participants of the event – the AUCHAN supermarkets retail group, VolWest Group stores (SPAR, Nash Krai), KIMS dry cleaning group, shops, cafes, pharmacies, canteens of educational institutions, healthcare institutions, manufacturers of goods, online shops, IT companies, civic organizations, charitable funds, and more. To date, more than 100 organizations and trade enterprises from all over Ukraine have said they will join in A Day Without Polyethylene.

About the problem:

Plastic bags, as well as disposable plastic (bottles, straws, food packaging) are the most common waste that, due to careless behavior by people, enters the environment and causes significant damage to the planet’s ecosystem. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, in 2015, more than 50 percent of world’s plastic waste was packaging waste. The annual use of plastic bags is up to 5 trillion bags – enough to cover a territory twice the size of France.

Due to their lightness, polyethylene bags can be carried by wind into wildernesses and marine areas, and it takes thousands of years for them to degrade.

Plastic directly harms about 600 marine species. According to research, by the year 2050, 99 percent of seabirds will be ingesting plastic, and in the world’s oceans there will be more plastic than fish.

More than 60 countries around the world have now introduced measures to reduce the use of plastic, and first of all – polyethylene bags.

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