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Hack for Locals 2.0: Digital Transformation Ministry, UNDP choose hackathon winners to strengthen security in Ukrainian communities

More than 360 participants from all over Ukraine offered unique innovative solutions to solve urgent problems of Ukrainian communities, and to make them safer and more secure.  

Mobile centre to expand public service delivery to vulnerable populations in Sievierodonetsk

The mobile ASC, a specially equipped truck, will drive to remote areas, rendering public services to the most vulnerable populations and people who are unable to visit stationary centres.  

UNDP and Canada provide four mobile centres to expand public services in rural communities across eastern Ukraine

UNDP in Ukraine, with financial support from the government of Canada, has delivered the first four of ten mobile Administrative Service Centres (ASCs) to communities in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.…  

UNDP and Government of Canada to launch 10 mobile ASCs in eastern Ukraine

By this autumn residents of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts will already be able to receive administrative and social services quickly and without having to stand in queues, in specially equipped vehicles…  

Digital Transformation Ministry and UNDP present an online course on the provision of services in the field of land relations

The Ministry of Digital Transformation and UNDP in Ukraine have launched a joint online course on the provision of administrative services in the field of land relations. The course was developed…  

Canada and UN launch new mine awareness project

Six years after the beginning of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, mines and explosive hazards still cause deadly casualties and lead to injuries among civilians  

Decentralization in eastern Ukraine: resilient communities, mobile ASCs and best decentralization practices

The first national forum “UN RPP for Reforms in Eastern Ukraine” took place in Donetsk Oblast. It was organized under the UN Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme with financial support from the EU.  

UNDP launches a research project on the integrity and inclusiveness of the democratic process in the regions of Ukraine

The comprehensive study of the integrity and inclusiveness of the democratic process is now underway in all 24 oblasts of Ukraine. The research initiative will continue until the local elections in…  

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