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New Session of UNDP-supported Human Rights Academy for Journalism Professors launched in Kyiv

Journalism professors are continuing to study high ethical standards and human rights principles for media education. The third session of the Human Rights Academy for Journalism Professors was…  

EIB and UNDP help to revive social infrastructure in nine oblasts in Ukraine: Early Recovery Programme Conference in Kyiv

More than 100 participants gathered in Kyiv for the annual conference of the Early Recovery Programme in Ukraine.  

Just Like You: 5 principles of inclusive society

“We talk a lot about inclusion, but I believe that our society has just started to move from segregation to integration,” says Olesya Yaskevych, a hero of the photo project “Just Like You”, a joint…  

Report on Situational Analysis of Health Care Resources in Kramatorsk and Pokrovsk Hospital Districts of Donetsk Oblast

The report is focused on assessments of existing international and national technical assistance; current projects funded by donors, and technical assistance programmes; local and national initiatives…  

Bridging the Digital Divide in Ukraine: A human-centric approach

The successes of Ukraine’s hi-tech present mask a problem that could grow in the future: There is a widening gap between old and young, men and women, and urban and rural people with regard to access…  

Legal Aid in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts

The report contains the findings of a study aimed at assessing the accessibility of Ukraine’s free legal aid system in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.  

EastNow: a joint project of the United Nations Recovery & Peacebuilding Programme and FILM.UA

СхідNow – це спільний проєкт Програми ООН із відновлення та розбудови миру та студії FILM.UA, спрямований на висвітлення позитивних змін та сучасних реалій життя у східних регіонах України.  

Third Judicial Forum

The main purpose of the Forum was to discuss practices and challenges related to administering justice in the context of armed conflict in eastern Ukraine.  

EU and UN transferred brand-new mobile ASCs to communities in Luhansk Oblast

Two brand-new Mobile Administrative Service Centres will be travelling the streets of Bilovodsk and Kremina ATCs, providing locals with much-needed administrative services quickly and efficiently.  

UN held a forum in Donetsk Oblast to address gender-based violence

One in five women in Ukraine between 15-49 has experienced at least one form of physical or sexual violence in her lifetime. And despite many countries having strong national policies and frameworks…  

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