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Belgium to support monitoring of the marine environment in the Black Sea region

An agreement was signed for the transfer of the legendary research vessel “Belgica” to Ukraine by the Belgian government, following a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Belgian Federal…  

Three innovative projects picked to represent Ukraine in global biomimicry contest

Ukraine’s finalists created projects on generating energy from trees, getting caterpillars to eat waste plastic, and using biodegradable cords to support plants growing in greenhouses.  

Design Out Waste: Call for participants in Biomimicry Design Challenge 2021

UNDP and the Institute of Biomimicry (USA) are announcing an all-Ukrainian competition to find ideas inspired by natural systems and organisms that solve the waste problem.  

The changing nature of work

Testing zero waste approach: the coffee experiments in Lviv

Can Ukrainian coffee shops offer customers eco-alternatives when selling them their favourite beverage, and in this way contribute to solving the waste management challenge?  

Responsible business conduct accelerates social and economic development

Global and regional business models are changing rapidly and a growing number of investors, producers and consumers worldwide are demanding more sustainable and socially-responsible policies, more…  

Testing circular economy approaches in Ukraine

Reusable cups, edible cups, and gamification were some of the zero waste options tested in a city-wide experiment using circular economy approaches. How did it go, and what did we learn?  

Responsibility in action: Ukrainian jewellery brand uses plastic waste for sustainable fashion

Earrings made from recycled materials aren’t just attractive because of their design: They also convey the message that fashion should be environmentally friendly, and consumption should be…  

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