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Remote villages of Vuhledar community to get public services in newly launched mobile ASC

Specially equipped truck provided by UNDP and Canada will bring public services closer to vulnerable people, those living close to ‘contact line’.  

Shelter for survivors of violence opens in Myrnohrad thanks to UN and international partners

Not only violence survivors will be able to timely receive a place to hide from the offender, but also get psychological, social and legal help and support.  

EU and UNDP donate large batch of equipment to rescuers in Donetsk Oblast

Technical equipment to help rescuers respond more quickly to emergencies and more effectively address threats arising in communities in eastern Ukraine.  

EU and UN hand over mobile administrative service centres to communities in eastern Ukraine

The mobile centres, specially equipped vehicles, will render public services to the most vulnerable populations in communities of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.  

Hack for Locals 2.0: Digital Transformation Ministry, UNDP choose hackathon winners to strengthen security in Ukrainian communities

More than 360 participants from all over Ukraine offered unique innovative solutions to solve urgent problems of Ukrainian communities, and to make them safer and more secure.  

Digital Transformation Ministry, UNDP launch East Expo 2020 online business exhibition

The online exhibition, launched with the support of international partners, brings together 170 entrepreneurs from all across eastern Ukraine to help them expand businesses and establish partnerships.  

Will Parliament set an example for the generation of equality?

One of 17 Sustainable Development Goals that all UN members have committed to is Goal 5 on gender equality. We believe that the generation of equality is fully capable of achieving this goal. But to…  

Call for participation in the competition “Respect for Human Rights and Administration of Justice in the context of the armed conflict in Ukraine”

The competition aims to support the activities of the civil society organizations aimed at contributing to the development and implementation of key elements of transitional justice mechanisms in…  

Mobile centre to expand public service delivery to vulnerable populations in Sievierodonetsk

The mobile ASC, a specially equipped truck, will drive to remote areas, rendering public services to the most vulnerable populations and people who are unable to visit stationary centres.  

Towards sustainable development: How Trostianets ATC rose up the rankings of the most successful communities in Ukraine

The Trostianets urban amalgamated community, which was set up in July 2017, in the first half of 2020 became the leader in the all-Ukrainian ranking of the most successful communities. Read on to find…  

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