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Comprehensive assessment confirms devastating impact of COVID-19 in Ukraine

UN study presented to Government with recovery recommendations and commitments of support.  

Four communities in eastern Ukraine now have access to social services online thanks to EU and UN

Residents of pilot communities in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts will now be able to order social services in advance and communicate with social workers online.  

EU and UNDP supply protective respirators to medical workers in Donetsk Oblast

15,000 protective respirators will help medical workers in Donetsk Oblast respond effectively and safely to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

To deal with the challenges of lockdown, some Ukrainians are turning to flower power

Three women share stories of how ordinary Ukrainians are joining together to overcome the challenges brought on by the pandemic.  

Moss wall provides green answer to Dnipro embankment’s pollution problems

Kyiv’s busy Dnipro embankment suffers from air and noise pollution from heavy traffic flows. What could be done to solve these problems? One of the teams from the Community Safari, a quest to identify…  

EU and UN transfer special oxygen equipment for treating COVID-19 to medical facilities in Luhansk Oblast

UNDP in Ukraine has transferred 50 specialized oxygen concentrators worth U.S. $25,000 to 23 medical facilities in Luhansk Oblast.  

Analytical report low-value grants for public monitoring of the delivery and availability of medicines

The UNDP Low-Value Grants project for public monitoring of the local delivery and availability of medicines and medical devices procured by UNDP for the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (MoH) has two…  

Medical facilities in Donetsk Oblast receive oxygen equipment thanks to EU and UN

Eighteen hospitals in Donetsk Oblast have received oxygen equipment that will help improve the health of severely ill patients, including those with COVID-19.  

Impact assessment of health care waste management practices in hospitals in Ukraine

This research project seeks to examine the gaps that exist in the national legislation pertaining to HCWM in Ukraine and provide recommendations on how to close those gaps, as well as to analyse…  

Green Fortress, a neat solution to pollution problems of downtown Kyiv school sports ground

The sports ground of Mezhyhirsk gymnasium in Kyiv’s Podil district is right next to a busy roadway – not the ideal location for the pursuit of physical fitness. But given that moving the entire sports…  

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