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Ukraine ranks mid-table in UNDP’s 2019 Human Development Report

Ukraine placed 88th out of 189 countries covered by UNDP’s 2019 Human Development Report released today, ranking it in the high human development category with a Human Development Index of 0.750.  

UNDP brings together members of the judiciary to strengthen legal, rights support for HIV/TB patients

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine is holding the National Judges’ Platform on HIV, TB and Health Rights in Kyiv today, aiming to support a new generation of legal experts on…  

Delivery, Availability and Use of Medicines at the Local Level

These Guidelines were produced as a result of the UNDP small grants project ‘Public Monitoring of the Delivery, Availability and Use of Medicines at the Local Level’ undertaken in 2017 and 2018. They…  

Health Reform and Procurement Support Services

In 2015, UNDP Ukraine became a partner of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (MOH) for the public procurement of medicines, medical devices and health products. UNDP has reshaped the public procurement…  

Psychologists use dogs to help Ukrainians traumatized by armed conflict in east

Through the use of “canistherapy” – an approach to psychotherapy that arose in the 1960s in the United States – a group of civil activists has recruited friendly pups to treat children badly affected…  

One of biggest shipments of anti-botulism serums in last two years to be delivered to regions

A shipment of 204 vials of Canadian-produced anti-botulism serum, procured under Ukraine’s state budget, is being delivered to the country’s regions, according to a signed distribution order published…  

UNDP not only procures medicines, but supports reforms

Exclusive interview with Blerta Cela, UNDP Deputy Country Director in Ukraine  

World Rare Disease Day: a vital cue to leave no one behind

About 6 per cent of the world’s population are living with rare diseases, meaning that this is an issue that requires serious attention. About 5 per cent of Ukraine’s people are living with rare…  

How to create an environment and services accessible for all: the best practices from the Universal Design Summit

Everything we design and produce should be done in a way so that every person is able to use it. The ways to translate this key idea of the Universal Design into practice were discussed at the…  

World Cancer Day: New Approaches for the Treatment of Cancer

More than one million people are living with cancer in Ukraine, and 9.6 million people worldwide are estimated to have died from cancer in 2018.  

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