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Planning cities of the future: Six insights from urban hackathons

Innovative projects hatched at a recent Hackathon will be implemented in four Ukrainian cities, setting them on the path to a greener future  

The air we breathe

Air pollution is one of the three environmental problems Ukrainians are most concerned about, coming third after water pollution and deforestation. Ukrainians have access to more and more networks and…  

Hack for Locals 2.0: Digital Transformation Ministry, UNDP choose hackathon winners to strengthen security in Ukrainian communities

More than 360 participants from all over Ukraine offered unique innovative solutions to solve urgent problems of Ukrainian communities, and to make them safer and more secure.  

Green Fortress, a neat solution to pollution problems of downtown Kyiv school sports ground

The sports ground of Mezhyhirsk gymnasium in Kyiv’s Podil district is right next to a busy roadway – not the ideal location for the pursuit of physical fitness. But given that moving the entire sports…  

The Great Disruptor: How COVID-19 is nudging Ukraine towards rapid digital transformation

It is one of the great ironies that, while being so detrimental to human development in general, the pandemic has propelled digital transformation. Suddenly, people around the world were required to…  

“Turn right by the old spruce tree”

Adding informal place names to Ukraine’s maps could cut emergency service response time.  

UNDP in Ukraine signs memorandum on working with CID think tank on e-democracy, promoting SDGs

UNDP and the Kyiv-based Centre for Innovations Development (CID), a think tank that promotes social innovations, digital transformation and development of networks of change-makers, signed a…  

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