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People in eastern Ukraine tired of protracted conflict, support reintegration of non-government-controlled territories: Results of SCORE study

Residents of controlled and uncontrolled territories have many shared needs and a similar vision of conflict resolution.  

The Great Disruptor: How COVID-19 is nudging Ukraine towards rapid digital transformation

It is one of the great ironies that, while being so detrimental to human development in general, the pandemic has propelled digital transformation. Suddenly, people around the world were required to…  

Toward a common future: Voices from both sides of the “contact line”

This report presents key data findings of the Social Cohesion and Reconciliation Index (SCORE) held in 2019 in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.  

Path to justice in eastern Ukraine: law and reality

The study sheds light on the actual path to justice of people who legally register births or deaths in non-government controlled areas of eastern Ukraine, seek to get compensation for housing…  

UNDP and European Union Advisory Mission sign cooperation agreement to support Ukraine’s development

The two sides will work together to promote international standards and European best practices in the areas of civilian security sector reform, rule of law and democratic governance.  

Prime Minister and UNDP head in Ukraine discuss progress on 2030 Agenda, strategy for country’s recovery from COVID-19, flooding

Ukraine intends to achieve all 169 targets outlined in the 17 goals of Agenda 2030, and will establish a SDG policy advisory unit with the UN Development Programme to ensure continued progress over…  

EU and UN provide technical equipment worth US $70,000 to rescuers in eastern Ukraine

Rescue units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine working along the “contact line” in eastern Ukraine have received specialized technical equipment worth US $70,000. UNDP in Ukraine purchased the…  

Comprehensive analysis of the vocational education and training system in Zaporizhzhia Oblast and its compliance with the needs of the regional labour market

UNDP in Ukraine within the framework of the Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme has initiated a comprehensive study of the vocational education system in Zaporizhzhia Oblast and its compliance with…  

Digital Transformation Ministry and UNDP present an online course on the provision of services in the field of land relations

The Ministry of Digital Transformation and UNDP in Ukraine have launched a joint online course on the provision of administrative services in the field of land relations. The course was developed…  

When it comes to decision-making, women must move from the margins to the mainstream

25 years after the landmark Beijing women’s conference, politics remains overwhelmingly the domain of men. Today, women are not even a quarter of all elected politicians in the world. At our current…  

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