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The Right to Know: Three ways to improve Ukrainians’ access to information

Access to information or ATI is an essential driver of sustainable development and is one of the key principles underpinning the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights. In 2019, Ukraine along with another…  

UNDP Ukraine calls for expression of interest for software development services

We invite companies to submit proposals for the development of the National Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Registry – a web-based electronic document management and information system congruent…  

Access to Public Information in Ukraine

Adoption of well-structured, comprehensible and high-quality legislation on access to public information in 2011 became an essential step towards the development of transparent and accountable…  

UNDP-supported Regional Ombudsperson’s Office helps people access information

Access to public information is one of the constitutional rights of Ukrainian citizens. However, often they have to appeal to the Human Rights Commissioner to exercise it.  

Right to know: Providing access to Public Information

As September 28 marks the International Right to Know Day, the UNDP Ombudsperson’s Office and the Council of the Europe Office in Ukraine held a conference to promote transparency and openness of…  

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