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The Right to Know: Three ways to improve Ukrainians’ access to information

Access to information or ATI is an essential driver of sustainable development and is one of the key principles underpinning the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights. In 2019, Ukraine along with another…  

Registration launched for online course "Interaction between State Agencies and Public"

The Prometheus civic platform for online education is offering free-of-charge registration and the chance to obtain a certificate for passing the “Interaction between State Agencies and Public" online…  

What do civil servants know and think about human rights: UNDP in Ukraine together with the National Agency of Ukraine for the Civil Service present the results of a study

Civil servants value the same rights and freedoms as all Ukrainians, and are ready to use more legal mechanisms to stand up for their own rights. But the willingness of some of them to justify…  

Paperless Annual Report 2017

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