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About half of Ukrainians feel armed conflict still taking place in the country

Poll shows people in Ukraine feel strongly that an armed conflict is still taking place, and that the government should develop an action plan for the transition from an armed conflict to peace.  

UNDP launches study of security in communities of Azov Sea region

The study will cover the communities of Berdiansk, Kyrylivka and Prymorsk communities of Zaporizhzhia Oblast, as well as Yalta village council in Donetsk Oblast – communities covering both urban and…  

Social Cohesion: Brief

Social cohesion refers to the state of a society’s convergence, or the “common bonds” that unify different people and groups that share space or territory .  

People in eastern Ukraine tired of protracted conflict, support reintegration of non-government controlled territories: Results of SCORE study

Residents of government-controlled and non-government controlled territories have many shared needs and a similar vision of conflict resolution.  

Toward a common future: Voices from both sides of the “contact line”

This report presents key data findings of the Social Cohesion and Reconciliation Index (SCORE) held in 2019 in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.  

The security situation in the settlements located in the 20-km zone along the "contact line"

In September 2019, the Kharkiv Institute for Social Research conducted a security assessment at the request of the UN Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme in nine locations along the “contact line”…  

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