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Five Effective Ways to Involve Women in Politics

UNDP has conducted a study with the goal of enhancing women’s role in politics and decision-making at the subnational level in Ukraine.  

Being a Woman Elected Official in Ukraine: Realities, Challenges and Success Stories

Strengthening the role of women in politics and decision-making requires providing them with access to politics on an equal footing with men. To a great extent, this can be achieved through women…  

UNDP, Norway to work together in Ukraine to support women’s participation in local politics

Partners sign cooperation deal to boost gender-responsive policies in decentralized local government  

When it comes to decision-making, women must move from the margins to the mainstream

25 years after the landmark Beijing women’s conference, politics remains overwhelmingly the domain of men. Today, women are not even a quarter of all elected politicians in the world. At our current…  

UNDP launches online course on sustainable development for civil servants

UNDP Ukraine has announced the official launch of an online educational course called “Act Further: Sustainable Development For Civil Servants”. The course is aimed at civil servants of all levels,…  

Parliamentary Reform

Engaging citizens in the parliamentary monitoring and the legislative process  

Local authorities and civil society activists from Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporizhizhia oblasts increased the knowledge on the UNSCR #1325

More than 85 regional and local government authorities, members of the local councils, national police representatives and civil society activists from conflict-affected communities in Donetsk,…  

Analysis of the Integrity and Inclusiveness of the Democratic Process in Ukraine

Five years after the Maidan “Revolution of Dignity”, which led Ukraine into a new era of democratic reforms and approximation with European standards, the state of democratic governance in Ukraine…  

Integrity and Inclusiveness of the Democratic Process in Ukraine

From November 2018 to January 2019, UNDP Ukraine undertook a research initiative on the integrity and inclusiveness of the democratic process in all 24 regions of Ukraine.  

Human rights must be mainstreamed in all policies – Blerta Cela, UNDP

As of today, Ukraine has completed implementation of the Action Plan on Implementation of the Human Rights Strategy by 29%, a monitoring conducted by 11 civil society organizations concludes. Human…  

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