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European Urban Resilience Forum #EURESFO21: Day 1 Wrap-Up

As the first day of #EURESFO21 in Malmo, Sweden comes to a close, we can breathe in some chilly Swedish air and reflect on the emotions, intense discussion, and the main messages and key takeaways of…  

Sustained progress and prosperity is only possible with taxes

when citizens or companies of any country cut corners on their tax obligations, the damage is two-fold – they undermine the maintenance of the very infrastructure they may have used to earn that…  

Building a more effective, efficient and equitable healthcare system in Ukraine

Access to medicines is essential for achieving access to health as a fundamental human right. As such, it is included in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is recognised as…  

EU and UNDP renovate medical call centres in eastern Ukraine

More than 180,000 residents of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts who have signed declarations with medical institutions will now receive more convenient medical services  

Connecting the dystopian dots

Exploring the links between COVID-19, Chornobyl wildfires, Carpathian flooding and record high temperatures  

Top UNDP, Foreign Ministry officials discuss cooperation on pandemic response, digitalization, reform

Talks focused on means to build resilience into Ukraine’s response to current and future crises.  

EU and UNDP launch new Mayors for Economic Growth Facility in Ukraine

The EU, in partnership with UNDP, is working to promote inclusive economic growth and innovation in municipalities across the Eastern Partnership countries.  

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