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Report on the Islands of Integrity™ A-C Methodology implementation in Novopskov ATC, Luhansk Oblast

The present Report describes the Islands of Integrity™ A-C Methodology and its application process and results in Novopskov ATC.  

Novopskov: First ‘Island of Integrity’™ in Ukraine

One of Ukraine’s new amalgamated local authorities aims to stamp out corruption in its area by applying internationally recognised anti-corruption methodology – and there are hopes this pilot project…  

Power monitoring scheme saves Ukrainian town energy and money

Success story from Chortkiv where the energy management system was introduced with the support of UNDP project. Monitoring conducted a year later has proved that the new system not only maintained a…  

New data challenges traditional notions of ‘rich’ and ‘poor’

The traditional concept of poverty is outdated, according to a new report released today by UNDP and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative. New data demonstrate more clearly than ever…  

U-Inn 2.0: RELOAD Camp to boost youth social innovations for restarting local democracy in Ukraine

Eighty young people from all regions of Ukraine learned about integrity and inclusiveness challenges in Ukraine and brainstormed local solutions to local issues at the U-Inn 2.0: RELOAD Camp. It is a…  

Psychologists use dogs to help Ukrainians traumatized by armed conflict in east

Through the use of “canistherapy” – an approach to psychotherapy that arose in the 1960s in the United States – a group of civil activists has recruited friendly pups to treat children badly affected…  

Rubizhne to become the first city in Ukraine to pilot “Safe City and Safe Public Spaces” methodology

The city of Rubizhne in Luhansk Oblast is to become the first city in Ukraine to pilot the methodology of a UN Women Global initiative called “Safe City and Safe Public Spaces.”  

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