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The UN Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme invites civil society organizations to administer small grants

The UN Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme invites civil society organizations to apply for the right to administer small grants to support projects in target communities.  

EIB and UNDP help to revive social infrastructure in nine oblasts in Ukraine: Early Recovery Programme Conference in Kyiv

More than 100 participants gathered in Kyiv for the annual conference of the Early Recovery Programme in Ukraine.  

Dafina Gercheva: How to help limit climate change

New inequalities are being triggered by technology and climate change, and they are increasingly determining people’s opportunities in the 21st century. These two seismic shifts, if left without a…  

EU and UN transferred brand-new mobile ASCs to communities in Luhansk Oblast

Two brand-new Mobile Administrative Service Centres will be travelling the streets of Bilovodsk and Kremina ATCs, providing locals with much-needed administrative services quickly and efficiently.  

UN held a forum in Donetsk Oblast to address gender-based violence

One in five women in Ukraine between 15-49 has experienced at least one form of physical or sexual violence in her lifetime. And despite many countries having strong national policies and frameworks…  

Just Like You: People sometimes just need a launch pad

A story of human rights defender Olia Makar. a member of the “Youth for Peace” movement and the community of Sant’Edigio. Olia became one of the heros of Just Like You initiative implemented by Real…  

Ukraine ranks mid-table in UNDP’s 2019 Human Development Report

Ukraine placed 88th out of 189 countries covered by UNDP’s 2019 Human Development Report released today, ranking it in the high human development category with a Human Development Index of 0.750.  

UN-organized forum mulls strategies to boost social cohesion in communities in Ukraine

Strategies to rebuild trust and cooperation among communities in Ukraine were discussed at a two-day National Forum on Community and Social Cohesion, which opened on 28 November in Kyiv.  

Hack for Locals: Local IT experts brainstormed smart solutions for local communities

Local Community Hackathon, Hack for Locals, organized on 9-11 October in Kharkiv, brought together over 150 participants representing the IT sector, businesses, local governance and civil society, as…  

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