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The Great Disruptor: How COVID-19 is nudging Ukraine towards rapid digital transformation

It is one of the great ironies that, while being so detrimental to human development in general, the pandemic has propelled digital transformation. Suddenly, people around the world were required to…  

Building back better and greener with the private sector

UNDP in Ukraine recently launched an initiative to work with the private sector on a just, resilient and green economic recovery. While this initiative aims at building back better and fast recovering…  

New tool launched to help businesses in Ukraine to cope with COVID-19 crisis

Businesses in Ukraine with questions related to the COVID-19 outbreak will now be able to get rapid responses thanks to a chatbot launched by the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCI) and…  

United Nations to conduct survey into socio-economic impact of COVID-19 outbreak in Ukraine

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic, along with the preventive measures designed to slow its spread, are putting great stress on Ukraine’s economy, and affecting the lives and livelihoods of millions of…  

UN announces a grant for developers and providers of business products and services, unions and associations of entrepreneurs in eastern Ukraine

Grant call for proposals for NGOs, associations and public unions of providers and developers of business products and services focused on the development and support of micro, small and medium-sized…  

Coronavirus accentuates challenges in conflicted eastern Ukraine

Ukraine is also still coping with the lingering effects of six years of conflict in the east of the country. The Coronavirus pandemic accentuates the effects of this conflict in a number of ways.  

Start a business: UN launches online learning platform for entrepreneurs

The UN Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme has officially announced the launch of the educational online platform “Start a business” developed with the financial support of the government of Poland.  

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