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Ukrainian innovations: Inspired by nature for a green recovery

“Our future is not about choosing between people or nature. It's about choosing to do things differently #ForPeopleForPlanet, building lasting, sustainable peace.” Watch United Nations Development…  

White paper: Micromobility

UNDP organizes eco-activities in eastern Ukraine for World Environment Day

During the first week of June, educational and environmental activities get underway in cities in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, with the aim of engaging citizens in initiatives to preserve the…  

Three innovative projects picked to represent Ukraine in global biomimicry contest

Ukraine’s finalists created projects on generating energy from trees, getting caterpillars to eat waste plastic, and using biodegradable cords to support plants growing in greenhouses.  

Building forward better

PLUSPLUS TV channel, Environment Ministry and UNDP launch social campaign to cut plastic bag use

Cooperation to include integration of the animated series on the environment – ECO PLUSPLUS, and developing other media materials for the social campaign.  

COVID-19 Impact on Air Quality in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova

This publication provides insights from the monitoring of the air quality and the impact of COVID-19 on the air quality in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.  

Satellite data monitors air pollution from space during COVID-19, helps inform policymakers

As evidence mounts of the association between air pollution levels and higher COVID-19 death tolls, a joint study by UNDP and the European Space Agency (ESA) provides insight on the impact of the…  

First biodiversity strip in Bila Tserkva: Green solutions for cities

How nature-based solutions piloted under the Community Safari initiative were scaled up in Bila Tserkva, Kyiv Oblast  

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