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Human Development Indices and Indicators: 2018 Statistical Update

Sep 14, 2018

The 2018 Statistical Update presents the 2017 HDI (values and ranks) for 189 countries and UN-recognized territories, along with the IHDI for 151 countries, the GDI for 164 countries, and the GII for 160 countries. It is misleading to compare values and rankings with those of previously published reports, because of revisions and updates of the underlying data and adjustments to goalposts. Readers are advised to assess progress in HDI values by referring to table 2 (‘Human Development Index Trends’) in the 2018 Statistical Update.

Table 2 is based on consistent indicators, methodology and time-series data and, thus, shows real changes in values and ranks over time, reflecting the actual progress countries have made. Small changes in values should be interpreted with caution as they may not be statistically significant due to sampling variation. Generally speaking, changes at the level of the third decimal place in any of the composite indices are considered insignificant.

Unless otherwise specified in the source, tables use data available to HDRO as of 15 July 2018. All indices and indicators, along with technical notes on the calculation of composite indices, and additional source information are available online at

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