Demystifying organisational development

Published in 2017 02 Oct 2017 84 pages

A reference-guide for practitioiners

The reference guide for the civil society practitioners “Demystifying organizational development” takes readers through the full cycle of organizational development processes, as happening under the UNDP approach.

The readers are taken through core principles of organizational development, and are introduced to the four indicators that are used to measure the organizational strength of partner-CSOs. In addition to this, the notion of the human rights based approach to organizational operations is introduced. It presents one of the models that a CSO may be described through, and pictures the OD cycle that explains steps undertaken under an OD programme or initiative. One of the crucial elements in an OD process is the initial organisational assessment of current stronger and weaker sides, areas for improvement and systemic challenges. In addition to a brief overview of three organisational assessment instruments used by other development partners, the UNDP Ukraine instrument, PROSE (more known as the ‘‘three circles’’), is introduced. Lessons learned in its application are summarized for OD teams. Finally, useful templates and guidance documents are listed in the last section, responding to the needs discussed with the UNDP partner-CSOs. Each of the sections is followed by a summary of main points discussed and things to remember.

UNDP Ukraine hopes that this publication will help its partners and colleagues in the development sector stimulate the discussion regarding ‘‘what works’’ in organisational development, and will catalyse the OD-related discussion in the civil society support sector of Ukraine.

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