Human Rights for Journalists

03 Jul 2018 260 pages


Raising ethical journalistic standards in covering issues related to human rights, equality, and non-discrimination was one of the key tasks of the Human Rights Academy for Professors of Journalism launched in September 2017 by the Institute of Journalism, the Human Rights Information Centre, in collaboration with UNDP.

Over the year 25 lecturers from different regions of Ukraine were trained by human rights activists, representatives of diverse social groups and representatives of the Ombudsperson’ office and will now utilize received knowledge in their universities. For this, they developed an educational course and a handbook on human rights for journalists which is now available online. These methodological materials will help to make the human rights an integral component of journalistic education.

The Academy was launched following the results of the Human Rights Baseline Study which showed that three out of four people in Ukraine find information on TV, and 57% of respondents acknowledged that television broadcasting shapes their view on human rights.


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