The Legal Environment Assessment for Tuberculosis in Ukraine

Nov 23, 2018

UNDP Ukraine conducted a Legal Environment Assessment for Tuberculosis (TB LEA) which identifies the legal barriers which impede an effective response to the TB epidemic in Ukraine through the violation of human rights; these being, the accessibility of TB prevention, diagnosis, and treatment services for key populations and people with tuberculosis. Currently, discriminatory norms are compounded by legal barriers which disproportionally impact key populations, many of which are at an elevated risk of exposure to TB infection. Even when the law is not a constraining issue, common practice often dictates discriminatory practice towards these individuals, and stigma and discrimination create significant challenges for TB control.

The TB LEA outlines specific and unique recommendations to break down the barriers for human rights’ observance, TB diagnosis and treatment and facilitates the recognition of the basic human rights of these individuals in their everyday lives.


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