Parliamentary transformation: achievements and next steps

Nov 24, 2021

Ukraine continues to move steadily towards full membership of the European Union. An important part of the process of implementing the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union is the building of more effective, accountable and transparent governmental institutions and state bodies. Over the last few years, in line with the European democratic parliamentary best practices, and with the support of international development partners, including UNDP, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has been actively implementing a wide range of reform measures.

The brochure "Parliamentary Transformation: Achievements and Next Steps" presents the results of the EU-UNDP Parliamentary Reform Project from February 2019 to October 2021. In particular, the publication highlights the key achievements of the Project in three areas: fostering the parliament’s role in the overall reform process; supporting the professional modernization of the parliamentary Secretariat; and building stronger transparency and accountability links between parliament and citizens. The brochure pays particular attention to the next steps to be taken in parliamentary reform.

This publication was created within the framework of the Parliamentary Reform Project, which is being implemented by UNDP in Ukraine with financial support from the European Union.


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