Competition "Promotion of Initiatives for Universal Design and Accessibility Principles"

UNDP-UA-UDD contest

Objective of Competition: to promote the accessibility and usability of the environment, institutions and services to be used by all people without restrictions, and taking into account the needs of persons with limited mobility.


Goals of Competition

·             share information about universal design, its principles and best practices;

·             establish cooperation between the local authorities, businesses and representatives of various groups of population, in particular, persons with limited mobility, to ensure the joint design and development of environment, products, services, etc. based on their needs;

·             foster development of demonstration models of various facilities and services complying with universal design Principles for their further scaling-up.


Competition Categories

·             health care (proposals from institutions providing emergency and first medical aid services - are accepted in this category) - at least 2 initiatives;

·             social and rehabilitation services (proposals from NON-inpatient and rehabilitation institutions that provide social and rehabilitation services at the community level, including for people with disabilities are accepted in this category) - at least 2 initiatives;

·             employment (proposals from employers who created or will create at least 5 working places for persons with I or II disability Group) - at least 3 initiatives.

Schedule of competition:

Announcement of competition: November 10, 2017

Submission of proposals: December 15, 2017

Proposal evaluation: December 18, 2017 -  January 26, 2018

Announcement of results: January 30, 2018

Finalization and award: February 1 – 28, 2018

Implementation: March 1 - September 30, 2018


Duration of projects - up to 7 months.

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