Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea

Project Summary

Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea (EMBLAS) is an EU-UNDP regional initiative for Georgia, Russia and Ukraine, which helps strengthen the capacities of the three countries for biological and chemical monitoring of water quality in the Black Sea in line with EU water-related legislation.

Project Goals

The project will set up initiatives which help improve the protection of the Black Sea environment, in particular:

  1. Improve availability and quality of data on the chemical and biological status of the Black Sea in line with the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and Black Sea Strategic Action Plan needs;
  2. Enhance partner countries' ability to perform marine environmental monitoring along MSFD principles, taking into account abovementioned Black Sea Diagnostic Report.


  • Workplan (based on the Description of Action) and the budget of 2013 prepared and approved by the Steering Committee
  • Specific Questionnaires on the current status of the Black Sea monitoring/data collection/data management in Georgia, Russia and Ukraine developed and distributed to various stakeholders involved in national monitoring.
  • Draft of Project Diagnostic Report II with recommendations for the revision of monitoring programmes in support of adaptive management of the Black Sea, improvements in data collection and management, and capacity building and efficient use of infrastructures/vessels/equipment prepared by big international team of experts.
  • A first draft of the Compliance Indicators with countries' obligations under the Bucharest Convention developed and distributed to all partner organizations for comments.   
  • First version of regional biological guidelines (for zooplankton and macroalgae monitoring) prepared, including updating of the Check-Lists of species.  
  • Assessment of needs regarding laboratory infrastructure, equipment, and training, promotion of the recommendations for Black Sea monitoring in Georgia, Russia and Ukraine conducted
  • Analysis of the training needs for improving chemistry monitoring, specifically for monitoring methods and quality assurance/ quality control of the monitoring conducted. Based on this, training programme for chemistry monitoring specialists was developed.
  • Joint Cruise Methodology developed to resolve the problem of regular measurement of some ecosystem parameters caused by necessity of special equipment, disposals, high quality specialists, ship time etc.
  • The Water Quality database concept developed and the concept for the Phytoplankton data base component prepared in first draft 


European Union

USD 777,202

UNDP Ukraine (trac)

USD 150,000

UNDP Georgia (trac)

US 100,000


USD 350,000



 USD 319,826.29 (total)- 69.7%

USD 63,451 (Ukraine)- 69.4%

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