Improvement of the living conditions in rural Ukraine by increasing the quality and the access to communal services

Project Summary

The project aims to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people living in rural areas of Ukraine by increasing the quality and access to communal services. It will strengthen the capacities of local authorities and communities to undertake comprehensive solutions to the energy efficiency problems, foster public-private partnerships to improve the quality of communal infrastructure and raise public awareness about energy efficiency in rural Ukraine.

The project is piloted in the rural settlements of Odessa and Donetsk oblasts which were selected based on their geographical location, existing deteriorated energy supply systems, and readiness of the local communities and authorities to support and participate in the project.

Project goals:

  1. Ensure decent socio-economic and living conditions for disadvantaged and economically vulnerable people living in rural areas of Ukraine through provision of access to communal energy efficient supply services.
  2. Reduce energy intensity of Ukraine’s economy, particularly in residential and communal sectors, as well as its dependency on imported energy resources through energy efficiency mechanisms;
  3. Improve the environmental situation and contribute to Ukraine’s fulfilment of its international obligations under the Kyoto Protocol by mitigating the anthropogenic impact on environment, including reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Expected results:

  • The living conditions of hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged and economically vulnerable people in rural areas will improve as a result of better quality and access to communal services.
  • Introduction of decentralized services provision will improve access and quality of municipal services delivery in the area of energy supply and energy efficiency.
  • Consumption of natural gas and oil products will be reduced in the communal sector.
  • Anthropogenic impact on environment and greenhouse gas emissions reduced.
  • Public-private-community partnerships and full engagement of communities in decision-making process will help improve the quality of municipal governance for better service delivery.
  • Scalable models for improved and efficient energy supply in rural Ukraine developed and adopted by the national and regional governments through collecting, analyzing and consolidating the experience.



US$ 3,556,096


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