Improving local capacity to promote and sustain entrepreneurship and SMEs development in Chernobyl affected territories by transferring best practices and experience of using smart instruments for boosting business

Project Summary

The project aims to stimulate the creation of small and medium enterprises and growth of micro entrepreneurship in Chernobyl affected areas by strengthening the local business support through provision of comprehensive information services, knowledge transfer and skills development.

The specific Project objectives are:

(i) streamlining access to business support information for local SMEs and micro enterprises through local information points;

(ii) to promote cluster initiatives in Chernobyl affected areas;

(iii) to support small business-oriented advocacy and promotion of entrepreneurship. The project is expected to improve the local capacity of 3 target municipalities in Zhytomyr oblast (Korosten’, Ovruch, Luhyny) to promote and sustain entrepreneurship and SMEs development, including: provision of best national and international expertize to access local needs and gaps in SMEs support services; set up and support of the information and consultancy points (centers) providing comprehensive advice and assistance to local entrepreneurs; knowledge transfer on existing business opportunities; development of cluster initiatives; strengthening economic ties with Poland etc.

Project goals

The goal of the project is to promote entrepreneurship and enterprise creation and growth in Chernobyl affected territories through enhancing local capacities to effectively use the available business support instruments.

Expected Results

  • Fully operational local information points providing comprehensive advice and extensive support to entrepreneurs.
  • Enhanced capacity of the local government to promote SMEs development.
  • Enhanced knowledge of existing business opportunities by the local SMEs.
  • Development of cluster initiatives at Chernobyl affected territories.
  • Pro-active and flexible small business-oriented advocacy, communication and social mobilization (ACSM) vehicle, based upon constructive dialogue, mutual interest and practical results.
  • Strengthened economic ties with Poland.


  • Local needs, gaps and barriers for SMEs and entrepreneurship development were studied and analyzed;
  • The concept of Business Information Points’ organization, based on the local capacities and needs, was developed in partnership with the experts from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development;
  • Polish experience in proving support to SMEs start-up and development, as well as information and consultancy services has been transferred through seminars and study tour organized during October-December 2014;
  • 25 SMEs and 30 local specialists from the partner municipalities (Zhytomyr region) were trained by the Polish and Ukrainian experts in business expansion issues, clusters development (in the wood processing industry, in particular) and foreign trade through targeted seminars, study visits and B2B meetings.
  • Launched the advocacy, communication and social mobilization campaign in targeted municipalities and beyond;
  • Municipal specialists and personnel of the Business Information Points from Korosten’, Ovruch and Luhyny trained in communications skills and working with social networks;
  • Business information point in Korosten’ (named Center for Entrepreneurship Development) and Business information pointі in Ovruch and Luhyny are established, equipped, staffed and operational since April 2015;
  • Created a web-site of the Center for Entrepreneurship Development in Korosten’ and its pages in social networks.


Government of the Republic of Poland (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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