Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme

What is the project about?

UNDP Project “Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme” aims at building capacity for political participation of the local communities and municipalities into decision making process and using this capacity for multi-stakeholders cooperation and multi-sectoral interventions geared towards strengthening of urban/ social/ economic/ environmental governance ultimately leading to sustainable development. The Project works at the level of communities, municipal and national levels.

What have we accomplished so far

At community level during 2004-2011 MGSDP has provided seed funds to support 317 projects aimed at promoting overall sustainable development through improvement of the local infrastructure. The total cost of the projects reached UAH 36.2 mln (about 4.5 mln USD). These projects positively impact the quality of life for more than 215000 people. The Project strongly promotes creation of Associations of Co-Owners of Multi-Apartment Houses and other sustainable community-based organisations and strengthens their capacity by supporting the implementation of joint energy efficiency, water supply and sanitation projects.  

At municipal level 6 municipalities introduced quality management system for municipal services (ISO 9001:2000/2008/2009); e-document flow introduced in 2 municipalities; A Center for Administrative Services Provision established in Voznesensk; 18 official web-sites launched in partner municipalities; 1 municipality elaborated strategic development plan; 9 East-West exchange visits organised for more than 320 local officials; 5 trainings on decentralization and effective local self-government organised for more than 250 civil servants; 1 inter-municipal initiative on solid waste management initiated; 6 municipalities internalised community-based local development approach through establishing Municipal Sustainable Development Councils and approving the municipal-level programmes for supporting community SD projects.

At national level more than 25 policy dialogs supported, primarily on housing reform, energy efficiency, solid waste management, e-governance, etc.; 4 best practices of local self-governance elaborated and national recognition for wider dissemination received; 1 parliamentarian hearings on local self-governance supported; the Law “On Bodies of Self-Organization of the Population” amended in partnership with the Committee of Verkhovna Rada on State Construction and Local Self-Governance.

Who Finances it?

Budgetary provision for UNDP/MGSDP from all sources/partners for 2012 amounts to USD 593,832. Sources include UNDP, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, partner municipalities.

How are We Carrying out Our Mission?

The MGSDP provides support and training to active community organisations in Ukrainian municipalities. These include Associations of Co-Owners of Multi-Apartment Houses (ACMHs), service co-operatives, Сivil Society Organisations of schools and kindergartens and their networks. Such self sustained organisations are based on the principles of democratic governance and they co-operate with the city councils to develop joint visions of sustainable development. The Project provides support for local community projects implementation.

The Project develops the institutional potential of City Councils through providing advisory services, training, visits, study tours and equipment. It raises their capacity for raising efficiency of the local governance, for providing better services as well as for improving the quality of life in municipalities. By involving a wide network of stakeholders in the local development process, the programme supports initiatives on strategic planning, introduction of the quality management systems for municipal services according to the international standard ‘ISO’, introduction of e-governance elements into the activities of the local governments, provides support for the holding of public hearings, and helps municipalities to integrate the community plans into local development plans.

Lessons learned at the local level, particularly in the areas of decentralisation and local self-governance, are raised for policy dialogue through policy research, seminars, conferences, round tables etc.

The Annual and Quarterly Progress Reports, Documents and Publications of the Project “Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme” of UNDP in Ukraine for 2004-2011 are available here.  

Delivery in previous fiscal years

Donor Name: UNDP, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, partner municipalities.
Year Amount contributed per year
2012 $ 547.000
2011 $ 680.000
2010 $ 1.035.000
2009 $ 1.000.000
2008 $ 1.066.000
2007 $ 1.929.000
2006 $ 1.407.000
2005 $ 362.000

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