Smart Practices for Oversight by Non-State Actors on Administrative Service Provision

Project Summary

The project aims to improve the delivery of administrative services by local authorities through better public monitoring and creation of effective feedback loop with the civil society organisations.

Project Goals

  1. Promote smart practices of the public monitoring of administrative service provision through creation and efficient activities of a Resource Centre for the civil society organisations and networking among CSOs.
  2. Transfer the best global, European and Ukrainian knowledge and practices on local service provision, participatory planning and decision making, social innovation projects, and other means of citizens’ engagement into the local decision-making.
  3. Increase transparency and accountability of the local governm­­ents through innovative models for citizens’ engagement.
  4. Facilitate further integration of the smart practices of civil society engagement for better local service provision into the regional and national policy documents on administrative service provision and participatory decision making.



  • Resource Centre for CSOs on public monitoring of the administrative services created to provide efficient support to the civil society organisations willing to introduce public monitoring practices.
    In 2015, this function is performed by the CSO “Centre for Political and Legal Reforms”
  • A capacity development package developed for the CSOs on public monitoring of the administrative service provision and for the municipal officials on the sectoral reform priorities.
  • The capacity of 30 CSOs was built on public monitoring of the administrative service provision through a number of publications, trainings, exposure visits, webinars on the subject and regular dissemination of the information newsletter “Quality and Accessible Administrative Services”
  • Contribution to the improvement of administrative services in 23 municipalities was made by seed grant support to 16 CSOs for innovative learning-by-doing exercises on public monitoring
  • 6 joint initiatives on ambient accountability by CSOs and Centres for Administrative Service
    Provision supported to make service provision in these municipalities more transparent and accountable to their service users.
  • The national policy dialogue on administrative services reform was initiated.



2013 (expenses), USD

2014 (budget), USD

2015 (budget), USD

Total, USD






European Union





Resource Centre*





*Contribution from the Resource Centre is 10’000 Euro according to the signed Project Document. It is utilized locally at the level of the partner CSO.


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