Transforming the Market for Efficient Lighting

Project Summary

The project contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Ukraine by supporting the market transition to more energy efficient lighting technologies and gradual phase out of inefficient lighting sources and fittings in residential and public buildings and schools.  It also carries out initiatives aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge of domestic consumers about energy-efficient lighting. 


  • The draft law on the elimination (ban) of incandescent lamps
  • The draft law on the handling with used mercury containing light sources
  • A national road map for energy-efficient lighting
  • A study of the quality of the electric current
  • Testing the light sources (for home, office and street lighting)
  • Pilot Program for organizing collection points of used mercury lamps
  • Contest of children's drawings
  • All Ukrainian educational campaign in schools (2500 schools, more than 300 000 participants, creation of training materials, distribution lamps)
  • Lighting modernization of social facilities in the village Kamyshnaya, Stanichno-Lugansk district, Lugansk region (orphanage, school, medical facility)
  • Energy efficient park lighting pilot project in Berdyansk
  • Sadzhava village main street lighting modernization project
  • LED lighting in the community housing sector (staircases in the apartment houses) in Dobrotvir of Lviv region
  • Pilot project for the modernization of outdoor lighting of the church in the village Nesheriv, Obukhov district, Kyiv region
  • Energy audit of pilot projects
  • International Conference "Development of energy-efficient lighting market in Ukraine: condition and prospects"
  • A series of studies were undertaken in the area of national and international norms, standards and laws promoting transformation towards energy-efficient lighting technologies, labelling standards, fluorescent lamps disposal and separate collection of household wastes, among many others.
  • Visits to leading disposal equipment manufacturers in Russia resulted in a partnership with the Association of Enterprises for the Disposal of Mercury Waste (NP ARSO).
  • A strategy for mercury-containing waste handling was developed based on a pilot project for collection and disposal of mercury-containing bulbs in Kamenetz-Podolsky.
  • Institutional capabilities enhanced for auditing and assessing the quality of imported energy-efficient lighting products and for improving the existing certification procedures and dialogue initiated among stakeholders on new standards for energy-efficient technologies.
  • Energy-efficient initiatives piloted through the street illumination in the village of Nesheriv, Obukhov district, Kyiv region and outdoor lighting system and retrofitting of traffic lights in the city of Gorlovka. UNDP office in Ukraine joined this initiative by installing LED lights in the office.
  • One of the bulb producers in Ukraine launched new technology for the production of special 3/5 energy-efficient bulbs packages.
  • Awareness and educational campaigns on energy-efficient lighting includes TV spots, posters, leaflets and calendars and lectures drawing competitions in schools.



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