Ukraine Energy Efficiency Secretariat and Expert Hub (Phase I)

Project Summary

Solar panel installation

The project aims to promote energy efficiency models countrywide and contribute to shaping more effective energy policies in Ukraine.

Ultimately, the project will help, through its Expert Hub, the Ukrainian government to undertake sustainable transformation and reduce the country’s dependence on foreign energy sources, while promoting energy efficiency and streamlining the use of renewables to strengthen Ukraine’s energy security. 

Project Goals

  • Enhance the coordination of energy efficiency initiatives among the key stakeholders in Ukraine through the Expert Hub.

  • Provide expert advice to the Government of Ukraine and the relevant state agencies on energy security policy-making, energy efficiency reform, regulations and action plan, including recommendations regarding the strategies, opportunities, parameters, and constraints for the development of the energy efficiency and renewables sector;

  • Facilitate capacity building and replication of the best international practices regarding energy efficiency/renewable energy application, particularly from the Slovak experience, through a series of pilot projects.

  • Establish the national Energy Efficiency Fund for financing smart energy efficiency programs and mobilizing national and donor resources to fund the projects aimed at reducing energy consumption in residential heating.

  • Assist the Government of Ukraine with developing the Energy Service Companies (ESCO) market, as a key tool to attracting additional investments for energy efficiency in Ukraine.

  • Share the UNDP knowledge and experience in energy management (in particular, energy management information systems) in order to introduce a unified energy management system for public buildings in Ukraine.


  • Developed a Draft Concept Plan for Achieving Energy Independence;

  • Contributed to oil and gas sector reform;

  • Drafted a Winter Action Plan 2016-2017;

  • Promoted energy efficiency in different areas, including housing sector, road maintenance and construction, air and marine transport;

  • Promoted decentralized heating projects.

  • Monitored the activities of United Energy System of Ukraine;

  • Improved energy-related social subsidy system aimed at creating incentives for investments in energy.


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