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Human Rights for Media: Results of Student Contest Announced

We are pleased to announce the winners of the second human rights contest for journalism students. The contest aims to promote high ethical standards and human rights values in journalism education.  

Zero Discrimination: Three stories of women living with HIV in Ukraine

Approximately 240,000 people in Ukraine are HIV positive, and it is estimated that more than 40 percent of them are unaware of their HIV status. Many of those that are aware experience stigma,…  

Winner of ‘Zero Discrimination’ minifilm contest declared

The winner was “To See the Homeless,” directed by Andriy Lagutin, on discrimination against homeless people in Ukraine.  

Just Like You: The Power of Being Yourself

People in the LGBTQ+ community in Ukraine are often confronted with discrimination and violations of their rights. Here are two stories of activists and trans women sharing their experience and their…  

How can the city gain “integrity”?: 5 tools aimed to reduce corruption risks in the city council activities

According to a nationwide survey held in 2015-2018, corruption is ranked third among the most serious problems in Ukraine. 93.7% of respondents believe so.  

New Session of UNDP-supported Human Rights Academy for Journalism Professors launched in Kyiv

Journalism professors are continuing to study high ethical standards and human rights principles for media education. The third session of the Human Rights Academy for Journalism Professors was…  

Just Like You: 5 principles of inclusive society

“We talk a lot about inclusion, but I believe that our society has just started to move from segregation to integration,” says Olesya Yaskevych, a hero of the photo project “Just Like You”, a joint…  

Just Like You: People sometimes just need a launch pad

A story of human rights defender Olia Makar. a member of the “Youth for Peace” movement and the community of Sant’Edigio. Olia became one of the heros of Just Like You initiative implemented by Real…  

Just Like You: Rugby, business and activism in a wheelchair

The first changes for positive inclusion have already been made to Ukrainian law. But the support and participation of society is needed to ensure they are implemented and expanded. But what kind of…  

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