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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine is aware of the Pechersk court decision as of 22 March 2016 allowing investigative officers of the Prosecutor General’s Office in Ukraine to inspect financial records and extract items and documents belonging to the Anticorruption Action Centre NGO.

In line with internationally-accepted principles for court approvals of intrusive measures, such action is to be taken only as and when absolutely required by the circumstances, within the limits of strict proportionality, and when there is well-founded suspicion of commission of serious violations of laws. Respect of these principles is even more important should a case involve well-known and outspoken critics of the government, in line with requirements of what is normal in a democratic society. Restraint should be exercised by the relevant authorities in order to remove any perception of undue pressure or intimidation being exerted over a well-respected watchdog.

UNDP Ukraine has been supporting and working with a number of anti-corruption organizations across the country and recognizes the Anticorruption Action Center as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the area of anti-corruption reform and civic oversight, for instance in the context of procurement of pharmaceuticals. In this vein, we will closely follow the developments vis-à-vis allegations leveled at this particular non-governmental organization.

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