How to file e-declarations: NACP and UNDP launch online course for civil servants

Mar 13, 2017

Amid the ongoing rollout of the 2nd wave of e-declaration for Ukrainian civil servants, during which the number of declarants is to increase at least sevenfold, NACP and UNDP with the support of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs have developed an online course on how to file e-declarations.

Kyiv, 13 March 2017 – The National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) and UNDP are launching an online course providing practical assistance on how to file e-declarations. The course that is publicly available on the online platform “Prometheus”, is targeting civil servants, members of local governments and other groups subject to e-declaration in line with the Law of Ukraine "On Prevention of Corruption."

Since 2016, a new electronic system of asset and income declaration has been introduced in Ukraine to promote better transparency and integrity of public administration. While the 1st wave of e-declaration for senior officials ended on 30 October 2016, the current 2nd wave applies to a wider range of civil servants of national and local levels and is to end by 31 March 2017.

At least 700,000 additional declarants are to join the first 100,000 top public officials who have already submitted their information in the publicly searchable database.

"The range of declarants who should declare their assets in Ukraine is one of the widest among other countries in the world, explains Ihor Hutsulyak, UNDP Consultant on Governance and Gender. – Given the considerable number of the declarants, we decided to support the e-declaration system with an online course that would assist all those who need to fill e-declaration, regardless of their level of training. This course will be also useful for the general public that will monitor how the e-declaration system works in Ukraine; they will have better understanding what information, according to the law, should be recorded in the system, and how exactly the officials should report on their assets.

UNDP has been supporting NACP since its inception. In particular, UNDP was involved in development of e-declaration system, that is one of the biggest achievements in reforming public administration. Launch of the online course "How to file e-declarations" is our contribution to get this system into motion”.

The course sheds light on who is obliged to file e-declaration and what should be declared. It also provides detailed information about each section of an e-declaration form. The structure of the online course follows the sections of the e-declaration form for maximum clarity. Therefore, users can select specific sections to find out necessary answers. The course’s sections have video instructions on how to work in the system. The course materials, including video lectures, will be also available at the NACP web-site.

The course’s lecturers are NACP experts: Inna Bernaziuk, Advisor to Deputy Chairperson of NACP, and Tetiana Schkrebko, Deputy Director of the Monitoring and Verification of Declarations Department of NACP. The authors of the course are UNDP experts: Robert Sievers, Ivan Presniakov, and Dmytro Kotliar.

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