12 crowdfunding campaigns you can support

Mar 31, 2017

A new website allows any internet user from Ukraine and other countries to select their favourite business idea developed by IDPs from Donbas, and financially support it with only a few clicks. This is the result of the Crowdfunding Academy carried out earlier in 2017 by UNDP with support from the British Embassy in Ukraine.

The Crowdfunding Academy was attended by IDPs and residents of Donetsk and Luhansk regions whose businesses were affected by the conflict. Despite the difficult conditions they are facing, these entrepreneurs are taking a chance to restart from scratch. Supported by the Academy’s trainers, they have developed their crowdfunding strategies, searched for new partners, and filmed video stories about their business with the help of famous Ukrainian filmmakers.

The 12 most promising ideas received further support and are now launching their crowdfunding campaigns. The proposals are so varied, that there is something for everyone: one is an app to create and participate in touristic quests, a second one is an interactive scientific game, a third aims to create fashion patches for clothes, and another one offers a club for kids with special needs. An online patent bureau is presented side by side with a Ukrainian traditional handmade tapestry. There are also ecology-oriented business projects such as the production of electric bikes, an energy-efficient housing cooperative and an eco-tourist village in Donetsk region. The entrepreneurs also developed strong socially oriented projects, including the  green landscaping of schools in Luhansk region and a documentary movie called “Eyes of Donbas”.

The first business project to launch its crowdfunding campaign was the Travel Quest Online Application “WalQlike”, developed by the team managed by Stanislav Okolot from Kyiv. The next campaign to be launched is the children’s board game “Mysterious expedition”, developed by Oksana Rusanova from Zaporizhzhia.

 “Supporting such projects is extremely important. It is small and medium business that can stimulate the economy, create new jobs and support the recovery of conflict-affected regions of Ukraine. I am so proud of these entrepreneurs and call upon everyone to support them. Just imagine, the average price of a cup of coffee is around UAH 25 (about 1 USD). With as little as what we pay for coffee in a week, we can make a world of difference for one of these entrepreneurs. The online quests from WalQlike, for example, needs UAH 60 000 (USD 2,225) – with 350 contributors they will be ready to go,” said Sofiya Oshchebska, Coordinator of Crowdfunding Academy Project.

Anyone can support these campaigns – and not only with funds, but even with advice and information support on the Academy’s webpage.

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