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Kyiv, 23 May 2019Ukraine’s energy sector faces a double problem: it needs to make its energy sector more resilient and sustainable, and it needs to boost its energy security by reducing its dependence on foreign energy suppliers.

But how can this be achieved? This was the main topic discussion at the Forum on Energy Security of Ukraine, held on May 23, 2019 in Kyiv. The forum, organised by UNDP in Ukraine with the support of funds from the American people, attracted over 300 participants to discuss the best solutions to Ukraine’s energy challenges. Attendees ranged from government officials, MPs, international experts, and representatives of the business and civil society communities. The forum was conducted as part of UNDP’s “Ukraine Energy Security Expert Hub” project.

To make its energy sector more efficient and sustainable, the country will have to transition to cleaner and greener forms of energy production, and this in turn will support Ukraine’s economic growth, UNDP Resident Representative to Ukraine Dafina Gercheva said in her address to the forum.

 “In Ukraine, sustainable energy is the red thread that connects economic growth, enhanced social equity and equality, healthy environment, resilience and prosperity. A well-established energy system underpins country’s quest for achieving SDGs and leaving no one behind. Lack of access to reliable and affordable energy hampers human and economic development,” Gercheva said.  

UNDP and other partners of Ukraine are also helping the country tackle its other big energy problem – energy dependence. The Ukrainian energy sector is heavily dependent on foreign energy suppliers, which puts Ukraine’s energy security at risk.

The country has started to address this issue by adopting the Energy Strategy for Ukraine until 2035, and under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, Ukraine is committed to achieving energy independence by reducing energy consumption and using alternative energy sources. The more energy Ukraine makes at home, the less it will have to import from abroad.

UNDP is helping Ukraine’s government develop and implement its energy security policy through the “Ukraine Energy Security Expert Hub” project, which focuses on three areas: developing and assisting with monitoring the implementation of the Action Plan for the Energy Strategy until 2035 (ES2035); contributing to the design and development a coherent policy environment within the framework of ES2035 of to carry out the energy strategy; and support for the energy strategy component of Ukraine’s integration with the Energy Community, via establishing high-level political dialogues between ministers in the Energy Community region on energy strategy issues.

“Enhancing Ukraine’s energy security by increasing energy efficiency, diversifying energy sources, and decreasing the country’s dependence on energy imports are critical priorities for the future of Ukraine,” said Ms. Jeanette Tyson, Acting Assistance Coordinator at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

“Strengthening Ukraine’s energy security is also a top priority for the United States,” Tyson added. “The U.S. government’s energy assistance programs in Ukraine are designed to help Ukraine develop its capacity and knowledge to better manage and diversify its energy sector, with the ultimate goal of reaching energy independence and full integration into the European Energy Community.”

Background information:

The UNDP project “Ukraine Energy Security Expert Hub” is being implemented with the generous support of the American people. The project is aimed at enhancing the capacity of the government of Ukraine to develop and implement its energy security policy, as well as to further strengthen Ukraine’s harmonization with the EU acquis communautaire under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

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